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Memoirs of the Court of England by the countess of Dunois (London: B. Bragg, 1707).


Memoirs of the court of England in two parts [...] by the Countess of Dunois [...] writ during her residence in that court, now made English; to which is added, The lady's pacquet of letters, taken from her by a French privateer in her passage to Holland, supposed to be written by several men of quality, brought over from St. Malo's by an English officer at the last exchange of prisoners. London: Printed, and sold by B. Bragg [...] 1707.


2 pts. in 1. errors in pagination: p. 65-80, 221-352 ommitted in numbering; p. 207-208 repeated in numbering/ title and imprint within double line border/ Dedication signed: J.C i.e. J. Curll/ 8, 20 cm.


{L: 598.d.34}.


Aulnoy, Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville, baronne d' (1650 or 51-1705), and pt 3 - pp.[519]-616, Manley, Delarivier (c.1663-1724).

History of Publication

Cf. Source: Memoires de la cour d'Angleterre [...]. Par Madame D... (Paris: C. Barbin, 1695).link

Pt 3 - pp.[519]-616 offer "The Unknown Lady's Pacquet of Letters taken from her by a French Privateer in her Passage to Holland. Suppos'd to be written by several Men of Quality. Brought over from St. Malo's by an English Officer, at the last Exchange of Prisoners" published, c, independently in 1711:

a. this titleMemoirs of the Court of England by the countess of Dunois (London: B. Bragg, 1707).
b. [...] second edition (J. Woodward/ J. Morphew, 1708).link
c. ["The Unknown Lady's Pacquet of Letters" as letters 1-24 in] Court Intrigues, in a Collection of Original Letters, from the Island of the New Atalantis &c. by the Author of those Memoirs [i.e. Delarivier Manley] (London: J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1711).link