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A Collection of six new delightful Novels (London: E. Tracy, 1710).

A| COLLECTION| Of Six New Delightful| NOVELS.| I The Unlucky Fair One:| Or, The Amours of Milistrate and Pra-|zimene, illustrated with variety of Chan-|ces of Fortune. In Two Novels.| II. Three Ingenious Spanish No-|vels Viz. 1. The Loving Revenge: Or,| Wit in a Woman. 2. The Lucky Es-|cape: Or, The Jilt Detected. 3. The| Witty Extravagant: Or, The Fortu-|nate Lovers.| III. Cynthia: Or the Tragical| Account of the Unfortunate Lovers of| Almerine and Desdemona.| [rule]| [vignette]| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for Eben Tracy, at the Three Bibles| on London-Bridge. 1710.


Description: titlepage/ 8 Shelf-marks: *{O: Vet.A4f.491 [1: The Amours of Milistrate and Prazimene. A Novel (1707). - 2: Three Ingenious Spanish Novels (1712). - 3: Cynthia (5'1709)]} {NA:CLU-C: *Pk12697.C69}. Bibliographical reference: ESTC: n027723. Remarks: The title united three independently published books. The Bodlean volume has obviously been compliled after 1712 *{O: Vet.A4f.491} - which shows the the bookseller supplied volumes just as he had them in stock. A possible 1710 edition could have united:

A. a. this editionA Collection of six new delightful Novels (London: E. Tracy, 1710).
1. Two delightful Novels: or, The Unlucky Fair One. Being the Amours of Milistrate and Prazimene (London: E. Tracey, [c.1710]).link
2. Three Ingenious Spanish Novels: Namely, I. The Loving Revenge: or Wit in a Woman. II. The Lucky Escape: or, The Jilt Detected. III. The Witty Extravagant: or, The Fortunate Lover (London: E. Tracey, 1709).link
3. Cynthia: with The Tragical Account of the Unfortunate Loves of Almerin and Desdemona: [...] a Novel. [...] the fifth Edition, corrected (London: E. Tracy, 1709).link