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The Memoirs of the Marq. de Langallerie [...] second edition (London: J. Round/ N. Cliff/ at A. Collins/ R. Halfey, 1710).


THE| MEMOIRS| OF THE| Marq. de Langallerie:| Containing an Account| of the most Secret Intrigues| OF THE| FRENCH, SPANISH, and| BAVARIAN Courts:| And the most Remarkable| Battles, Sieges, and Encampments,| IN| Germany, Spain, and Flanders.| Together with the most considerable Treaties and| Alliances made with France, from the Year| 1687, to the Year 1710.| Intermix't with several Original Private Letters, (never before made Publick) written by| The French King,| Card. Portocarrero,| Duke of Anjou,| Elector of Bavaria, Marquess de Torcy,| Charles III. of Spain,| Prince Eugene,| D. of Marlborough,| D. of Ormond,| M. Auverquerque, &c.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| Translated from the French, and continued to this present Time.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for J. Round at Seneca's Head in Change-Alley, N. Cliff at the Golden Candlestick in Cheapside, and sold by A. Collins at the Black-Boy in Fleetstreet, and R. Halfey at the Plow in Cornhil. 1710.


Titlepage/ [16] pp. preface signed: Peter Marteau/ p.1-416/ 8.


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ESTC: n004597.

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Cf. Tatler, 124 (21.1.1710), p.[2]: "This Day is published". - The Tatler, 130 (4.2.1710), p.[2]: "Just publish'd, the Second Edition of".

History of publication

Cf. first English edition (1708).link


Titel: "Memoirs".