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The Pilgrim's Progress [...] by John Bunyan. The Seventeenth Edition (London: N. Boddington, 1710).


THE| Pilgrim's Progress| FROM| THIS WORLD| TO| That which is to come:| Delivered under the Similitude of a| DREAM:| Wherein is Discovered,| The Manner of his setting out,| His Dangerous JOURNEY,| AND| Safe Arrival at the Desired Country.| [rule]| By JOHN BUNYAN.| [rule]| The Seventeenth Edition, with Additions| of New Cuts.| [rule]| I have used Similitudes. Hosea xii. 0.| [rule]| Licensed and Entred according to Order.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for N. Boddington, at the Golden| Ball in Duck-Lane. 1710.


[cheap design] frontispiece [Bunyan dreaming, a tree above him, a Lion's head with flames and a skull bellow]/ p.[i] titlepage/ p.[ii-viii] preface/ p.1-205/ p.[206] Books published by N. Boddington/ 12.


{L: C.95.b.35}.

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ESTC: t058910.

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cf. 1st edition, pt.1 (1678).link