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Valiant London Prentice (Newcastle: J. White, 1711).

The Famous History of the Valiant London Prentice (Newcastle: J. White, 1711).

The Famous History of the Valiant| London Prentice.| [woodcut: tournament/ two men one sleeping/ man thrusting his fists into the respectable mouths of two lions]| Newcastle: Printed and sold by J. White, 1711.


[cheap design] p.[1] titlepage/ p.[2] long title: The Famous| HISTORY| Of the VALIANT| London Prentice;| SHEWING| His NOBLE EXPLOITS at| Home and Abroad.| Together with| His LOVE and great SUCESS:| Very Pleasant and Delightful.| [rule]| Written for the Encouragement of Youth.| By J. S.| [rule]| [vignette]| Licensed and entered according Order./ p.3-24 [with woodcut p.21]/ 16.


{L: 12612.b.15.(1)}.

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ESTC: t012602.

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Titel: "History".


The plot evolves quickly: Aurelius wins the favor of all the women who meet him - he answers none of these feelings, wins against all his rivals, who envy his success - a success increased by his negligence. Arriving in London he becomes a merchant's apprentice. The merchant's daughter rejects him, his extraction being too low to satisfy her. Commissioned by his master he sails to Turkey. As a knight he enters a tournament, beats the infidels, is sentenced to death but able to kill the Lions which were supposed devour him - the titlepage shows him thrusting his fists into their mouhts, tearing their hearts out of their bodies. Eventually he is pardoned and allowed to offer his services to the Turkish emperor and to mary his daughter.