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The Five Wise Philosophers (London: E. Tracy, 1711).

The Five Wise Philosophers (London: E. Tracy, 1711).

THE| HISTORY| OF THE FIVE| Wise Philosophers:| OR, THE| Wonderful RELATION| OF THE| LIFE| OF| JEHOSAPHAT the Hermit,| Son of AVENERIAN King| of Barma; in India.| The Manner of his Conversion to| the Christian Faith, and the Horrid Per-|secutions he suffer'd for the same. With| toe[!] Miracles he wrought: And how, af-|ter his turning Hermet, he Liv'd in a Cell| in the Desart Thirty Six Years.| [rule]| A Treatise both Pleasant, Profi-|table and Pious.| [rule]| By N. H. Gent.| [rule]| London, Printed for Eben. Tracy, at the| Three Bibles on London-Bridge. 1711.


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{L: 4805.a.19} {O: Douce.I.8}.

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A. Esdaile (1912), p.224 - ESTC: t087901.

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Source: Legenda Aurea. Cf. The Five Wise Philosophers (1672) for English


Titel/ A2r: "Treatise".


King Avenarian learns from his horoscope, that his son Jehosaphat will become a christian. The kingdom's heathen priesthood recommends to educate Jehosaphat without contact to the world - without knowledge of the the female sex, without suffering, sickness and death. The 15-year old retreats from the world. God sends him Barlaam, who secretly teaches him christianity. The son and, after long reluctance, his father convert. Jehosaphat decides to end his life as a desart hermit and leaves the throne vacant. - With numerous repetitions tedious rather than polite.