DeFoe, Daniel,
A Member of the October Club, The Secret History of the October Club (London: A. Baldwin, 1711).


THE| Secret History| OF THE| October CLUB:| From its Original to this Time.| [rule]| By a Member.| [rule]| [vignette]| London:| Printed for A. Baldwin. 1711.


[1] p./ 47 [i.e. 46, p.24 without pagination] pp./ [1] p./ 8.


{Dt: P.pp.15 no. 10} {Dt: P.pp.11 no. 16}.

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ESTC: t172333.

History of Publication
1.a this editionThe Secret History of the October Club (London: A. Baldwin, 1711). [Date of Publication: 19 Apr 1711 - cf. J. R. Moore (1960), No. 204]
b [...] Printed in the Year,
c [...] second edition (London: J. Baker, 1711). [Date of Publication: 10 May 1711 - cf. J. R. Moore (1960), No. 204.]link
2.a [...] pt 2 (London: J. Baker, 1711). [Date of Publication: 23 Jun 1711 - cf. J. R. Moore (1960), No. 207.]link

Titel: "Secret History"; p.44: "Paper".


For pts.1-2: Extensive history of the development of english/scottish parties in the process which lead to the union. (Non-Jurors, Jacobites, High Flyers vs. Moderate Men or High vs. Low Church, Tackers, Old vs. Modern Whigs or in case of Scottland: Squadroni vs. Court Whigs) up to the change of governemnt after the 1710 elections. Some tories, so the implication, are now beginning to realize that they will not achieve their goals: The war goes on, the taxes remain high, and the impeachment action against Marlborough is suspended. The lively sketches of secret tory meetings grow grotesque. Jacobites, Tories, High-Flyers, men who'd like to see violent clashes in London are joined by politicians who simply calculate their own chances to seize power. Climax vol. 2, p.55-56: the Sacheverell-riots and their role in the late elections. - All in all an attempt, to signal dissatisfied Whigs, how much they actaully share with the ruling faction of moderate Tories.


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