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The Perquisite Monger [...] London: Printed and reprinted in Dublin (1712).


The| Perquisite Monger:| OR THE| Rise and Fall| OF| INGRATITUDE:| BEING| One of the Stories which the Monks of| Godstow were formerly wont to divert| Fair Rosamond with, and which may| serve to clear up several Absurdities in| the History of Prince Mirabel:| [rule]| Made Publick from an Original Manuscript lately| found in the Ruins of Wood-Stock Bower.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed, and Reprinted in Dublin. 1712.


16 pp./ 8.


{D: P347(1)}.

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ESTC: t180546.

History of Publication

Cf. The History of Prince Mirabel's Infancy, Rise and Disgrace, 1st edition (London: J. Baker, 1712).link