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Scarron, Paul,
The Whole Comical Works of Monsr. Scarron, 3rd edition (London: J. Nicholson/ J. & B. Sprint/ R. Parker/ B. Tooke, 1712).

The Whole Comical Works of Monsr. Scarron (London: J. Nicholson/ J. & B. Sprint/ R. Parker/ B. Tooke, 1712).

THE| Whole Comical| WORKS| OF| Mon. SCARRON.| CONTAINING| I. His Comical Romance of a Company of Stage-|Players. In three Parts, Compleat.| II. All his Novels and Histories.| III. His Selected Letters, Characters, &c.| A great Part of which never before in English.| [rule]| Translated by Mr. Tho. Brown, Mr. Savage,| and Others.| [rule]| ---Ridiculum acri| Fortius & Melius Magnas plerumq; scat res. Hor.| Rebus in Angustis facile est contemnere Vitam:| Fortiter ille Facit, qui miser esse potest. Mart.| [rule]| The Third Edition, Revised and Corrected.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for J. Nicholson, at the Kings-Arms, J. and B. Sprint,| at the Bell in Little-Britain; R. Parker, under the Royal-|Exchange and Benj. Tooke, at the Middle-Temple Gate in Fleet-|Street. 1712.


[with engravings] frontispiece [rural audience with narrator (seen from behind) - the narrator, small, on a high chair, in the background: hills with Saytyrs and Pegasus]/ titlepage/ [2] pp. "A Character of Monsieur Scarrons Works"/ [4] pp. "To the Courteuos Reader that never saw me" signed: Scarron/ p.1-560/ 8.


{L: 1508/495} {O: Douce S.419}.

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ESTC: t129732.

History of Publication

Sources: Le Roman Comique (1651 etc.)link and other writings by Paul Scarron.

First edition of this colection: The Whole Comical Works of Monsr. Scarron (London: S. & J. Sprint/ J. Nicholson/ R. Parker/ B. Tooke, 1700).link


"Romance" with extensiv chapter about "Novels" and "Romances" (pt.1, chap.XXI, Comical Romance), numerous "Novels" included.