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The Works of T. Petronius Arbiter, [3rd erdition] (S. Briscoe/ J. Woodward/ J. Morphew, 1710).


THE| WORKS| OF| Titus Petronius Arbiter,| In Prose and Verse.| [rule]| In Three Parts.| [rule]| Together with| His Life and Character,| Written by Mons. St. Evremont.| AND| a Key to the Satyre, by a Person of Quality.| [rule]| Made English by Mr. Wilson,| Mr. Burnaby,| Mr. Blount,| Mr. Tho. Brown,| Capt Ayloft, and se-|veral others.| [rule]| And Adorn'd with Cuts.| [rule]| To which is added,| The Charms of Liberty, a Poem,| by the late Duke| of Devonshire.| [rule]| London, Printed for Sam. Briscoe, and Sold by J. Mor-|phew near Stationers-Hall and. Ja. Woodward in Scalding-Alley,| against Stocks-Market. 1712.


[with engravings] engraved titlepage [Roman convivium with Romans of both sexes and satyrs - all under the the protection of Truth (quite naked)]/ titlepage/ [16] pp. preface/ p.i-xvi "Life of Petronius Arbiter"/ [6] pp. Key/ [8] pp. Contents/ p.1-280/ p.281-88 "The Charms of Liberty. A Poem in allusion to the Archbishop of Cambray's Telemachus"/ 8.


{L: 1608/4889}.

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