lineThe Novel

Bunyan, John,
The Pilgrim's Progress, pt. 3, 3rd edition (London: A. Bettesworth, 1713).


THE| Pilgrim's Progress| FROM| THIS WORLD,| TO| That which is to come:| [rule]| The E[!]hird Part.| [rule]| Delivered under the| Similitude Of A Dream:| SHEWING| The several Difficulties and Dangers he met| with, and the many Victories he obtained over| the World, the Flesh, and the Devil.| Together with| His happy Arrival at the Celestial City, and the| Glory and Joy he found to his Eternal Comfort.| To which is Added,| The LIFE and DEATH of| JOHN BUNYAN,| Author of the First and Second Part;| compleating the whole Progress| [rule]| The Ninth Edition.| London: Printed for A. Bettesworth, at the Red| Lion on London-bridge. 1713.


[cheap design] titlepage in verso: "Licensed and Entered according to Order"/ [2] pp. pref. signed: J[ohn]. B[unyan]./ p.i-iv Poems in praise of Bunyan signed: B. D. and L. C./ p.[1]-119/ p.120: woodcut [crucifiction]/ p.[121] second title: "Life and Death of John Bunyan" in verso: portrait/ p.1-30/ [4] pp. books published by C. Hitch/ 12.



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Cf. pt. 1, 1st edition (1678).link