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THE| TESTIMONIES| Of several| Citizens of Fickleborough,| In the Kingdom of| FAIRY-LAND,| Concerning the Life and Character of| Robert Hush,| Commonly called,| BOB.| To which are prefixed,| SOME| MEMOIRS| Of the LIFE of| Charity Hush, the Grandfather,| AND OF| Oliver Hush, the Father of the said Bob.| [rule]| Agitur enim Nihil aliud, Quirites, quam ut Nullum sit| posthac in Republica Publicum Concilium, Nulla Bono-|rum Consensio contra Improborum Furorem & Audaciam,| Nullum extremis Reipublicæ Temporibus Perfugium &| Præsidium salutis. Tull.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for John Morphew, near| Stationers Hall, 1713. Price 3 d.


titlepage/ p.3-23/ 4.


{L: 101.d.62}.

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