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The Ladies Tales (London: F. Burleigh/ A. Dodd/ J. Graves, 1714).

THE| LADIES TALES:| EXEMPLIFIED| IN THE| Vertues and Vices| OF THE| QUALITY,| WITH REFLECTIONS.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for Ferd. Burleigh in Amen Corner;| A. Dod! without Temple-Bar; and J. Graves,| next White's Chocolate-House in St.| James's Street, 1714.


frontispiece [a beautiful young Lady elegantly depicted with her pretty Dekolleté]/ titlepage/ [8] pp. dedication: Dutchess of Marlborough/ [12] pp. preface/ [12] pp. Contents/ p.1-264/ 12.


{L: 12614.b.21} {NA:MH: 15496.190}.

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ESTC: t070925.


Bl.A3r: "Treatise"


Several noble guests brought together by coincidences spend their time at a Kentish manor house discussing the possibilities the female sex enjoys to study (p.17:) "Literature" and live virtuously. Discourses about numerous fashionbable topics - adorned with historical examples let the conversation move towards histories of women of the present age (the narrations include poetry). The table of contents allows to use the book as a little dictionary of fashionable topics.