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Lucas, Theophilius [pseud.],
The Memoirs of the Lives, Intrigues and Comical Adventures of the most famous Gamesters, 2nd edition (London: J. Brown/ J. Hooke/ W. Hinchliffe/ F. Burleigh, 1714).

THE| MEMOIRS| OF THE| Lives, Intrigues,| AND| Comical Adventures| Of the most Famous| GAMESTERS| AND| Celebrated Sharpers| In the Reigns| of Charles II.| James II.| William III.| AND| Queen Anne.| Wherein is contain'd| The Secret History of Gaming, discovering| all the most sharping Tricks and Cheats (us'd by slight| of Hand) at Picquet, Gleek, Lanterloo, Bankafalet, Basset,| Primero, Cribbidge, Verquere, Tick-tack, Grand-Tricktrack;| and the English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian| Games, play'd with Cards, Dice, Tables, or otherwise.| The whole calculated for the Meridians of| London, Bath, Tunbridge, and the Groom-Porters.| [rule]| By Theophilius Lucas, Esq;| [rule]| The Second Edition.| [rule]| Printed for J. Brown without Temple-bar, J. Hooke at| the Flower de Luce in Fleetstreet, W. Hinchliffe at Drydens-head| under the Royal Exchange, & F. Burleigh in Amen-Corner. 1714.


frontispiece [of the first edition (1714)link]/ titlepage/ [10] pp. preface signed: Theophilius Lucas/ [12] pp. "Table" "Table" alpahbetical, names of famous gamesters and sums they risked/ p.1-285/ p.[286-88] books published by J. Brown/ 12.


{O: Douce L.565}.

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Titel: "Memoirs".

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