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[Manley, Delarivier,]
The Adventures of Rivella, 2nd edition (London [E. Curll], 1715).

THE| ADVENTURES| OF| RIVELLA;| OR, THE| History of the AUTHOR of the Four| Volumes of the New Atalantis.| WITH| Secret MEMOIRS and MANNERS of several| Considerable Persons her Cotemporaries.| VIZ.| I. The Character of the Dutchess of| MAZARIN.| II. ----Of Count FORTUNATUS.| III. ----Of RICHARD STEELE, Esq;| IV. The Intrigues of HILARIA.| V. The Surprizing Amours of Sir PETER| VAINLOVE, and Mrs SETTEE.| VI. An Account of the great Law-Suit| between Lord CRAFTY, and Baron| MEANWELL.| [rule]| The SECOND EDITION.| To which is added, A Compleat KEY.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed in the Year M DCC XV.| Price 1 s. 6 d. Stich'd, 2 s. 6 d. in Calf.


frontispiece [as first edition published in (1714).link]/ titlepage/ p.i-iv »Translator's Preface«; dat.: London, 3.6.1714/ [2] pp. Key/ [1]-6 »Introduction«/ p.[6]-120 »History of Rivella«/ 8.



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Cf. 1st edition (1714).link