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The History of Menuthia [...] in a letter from Antongil [...] to the Governor of the Dutch Colony, near the Cape of Good Hope (Nottingham: J. Collyer, 1715).

THE| HISTORY| OF| MENUTHIA,| With an ACCOUNT| OF the chief Transactions in that Kingdom,| since the new REVOLUTION| there.| IN A| LETTER| FROM Antongil in the Isle of Madagascar, to| the GOVERNOR of the Dutch Colony,| near the Cape of Good Hope.| [rule]| Done out of FRENCH.| [rule]| [vignette]| [rule]| NOTTINGHAM: Printed and Sold by J.| Collyer in the Long-Row 1715.


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{L: 101.e.15 [titlepage with ms. note: "15 Aug. 1714"]}.

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title: "History".


History of the island Menuthia situated at the African east coast and according to the facts presented first colonized by Chinese settlers. The Cafres [Anglicans] - who secretly adhere to "Idolatry" [Catholicism] - try to influence the island's constitution in order to reduce the power of the Banians [nonconformists], who propagate a return to Monotheism. With no plots narrated and no charakters sketched the text concentrates on an analysis which seems to ask for consequences and political decisions.