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[Ward, Edward,]
The Rise and Fall of Madam Coming-Sir (Stamford, Lincolnshire/ St. Edmond's Bury, Suffolk: W. Thompson/ T. Baily).

THE| RISE and FALL| OF| Madam Coming-Sir:| OR,| An Unfortunate SLIP from the| TAVERN-BAR,| Into the Surgeon's| Powdering-TUB.| [rule]| [vignette]| Printed and Sold by W. Thompson, and T. Baily,| at Stamford, Lincolnshire, and St. Edmond's Bury,| SUFFOLK.


p.[1] titlepage/ p.[2]-24 [recte: 28]/ 8.



Bibliographical Reference

ESTC: t055916.


Ward, Edward (1667-1731).

History of Publication

The text must have been published before 1720 - the German translation offers it under the title Die von ihren Feigen-Blättern entblößeten Adam und Eva (1720)link as an appendix to Ward's Adam and Eve Stript of their Furbelows (1714)link - it is likely that the German translator bought both texts in 1714 or 1715 in London.


First person singular, very lively and direct - even though presented with a kind of elegant distance: The rise and fall of a country maiden à la Moll Flanderslink und Hograth's Harlot's Progress. Her brother lets the heroine work at his tavern, she attracts a number of curious admireres whose lettres are inserted, looses her virginity as a soldier's mistress, gets pregnant - a procuress takes care of her only to lead her into prostitution afterwards; she delivers a dead child, rises as a prostitute, ages quickly - the procuress making all the money - and finally dies at Kingsland-Hospital.