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[Gueulette, Thomas Simon,]
A Thousand and one Quarters of Hours (London: J. Tonson, 1716).

A Thousand and One| QUARTERS of HOURS;| BEING Tartarian Tales.| DONE| From the Paris Edition, Dedicated| to the Duke of Chartres, Son and| Heir Apparent to his Royal High-|ness the Regent of France.| [double rule]| LONDON| Printed for JACOB TONSON, at Shakespear's-|Head, over-against Catharine-street in the| Strand. MDCCXVI.


frontispiece [Audience at an oriental souvereign's court]/ titlepage/ p.[5-8] dedication: Duke of Chartres; signed: T[homas]. S[imon]. G[ueulette]./ p.9-254/ p.[255] "Contents"/ p.[256-64] books published by J. Tonson/ 12.


{L: 1094.c.34} {NA:ICN: Case.Y.1565.G936}.

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ESTC: t115693.

History of Publication

Cf. Les Mille et un quarts d'heure, contes tartars (1715).link and for the wider context: Les mille et une nuits (Paris: Barbin, 1704).link


Titel: "Tales".