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Bunyan, John,
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners in a Faithful Account of the Life and Death of John Bunyan (London: N. & M. Boddington, 1716).

Grace Abounding| To the CHIEF of| SINNERS| IN| A Faithful Account of the Life and| Death of| JOHN BUNYAN.| OR,| A brief Relation of the exceeding| Mercy of God in Crist to him.| NAMELY,| In his taking him out of the Dunghil,| and Converting of him to the Faith of his| Blessed Son JESUS CHRIST.| Here is also particularly shewed,| What Sight of, and what Trouble he had| for Sin; and also, what various Tempta-|tions he hath met with; and how God| hath carried him through them.| [rule]| Corrected and much enlarged by the Author, for the| Benefit of the tempted and dejected Christian| [rule]| The Ninth Edition, with his Character.| [rule]| Come and hear ye that fear God, and I will de-|clare what he hath done for my Soul, Ps. 66. 16.| [rule]| LONDON, Printed by S. Gilbert, for| N. and M. Boddington in Duck-lane. 1716.


woodcut frontispiece [portrait]/ titlepage/ [6] pp. preface signed: John Bunyan/ p.1-170/ 12.


{L: 4407.aa.42}.

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ESTC: t191436.

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Cf. Grace Abounding to the chief of Sinners: or, a Brief and faithful relation of the exceeding mercy of God in Christ, to his poor servant John Bunyan (London: G. Larkin, 1666).link