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[La Mothe, Marie Catherine Comtesse d'Aulnoy,]
The History of the Tales of the Fairies (London, E. Tracy, 1716).

THE| HISTORY| OF THE| Tales of the FAIRIES.| Newly done from the French.| CONTAINING,| I: The Tale of Graciosa, and Prince Percinet| shewing the Cruelty of a proud Mother-in-|law, to an innocent, dutiful Virgin.| II. The Blew-Bird, and Florina; shewing the| Happiness of being good-natur'd in both| Sexes.| III. Prince Avenant, and the Beauty with| Locks of Gold; shewing what Difficulties| and Dangers Love will surmount.| IV. The King of the Peacocks, and the Prin-|cess Rosetta; shweing the Vanity of Co-|vetousness, Pride and Envy.| V. Prince Nonpariel, and the Princess Brilli-|ant; wherein is shown, that outward Beau-|ty is not the only Object Love delights to| dwell in.| VII. The Orange-Tree, and its beloved Bee,| shewing the Happiness of those Lovers who| shall find Constancy in Perfection:| [rule]| Dedicated to the LADIES of Great-Britain.| [rule]| LONDON.| Printed and Sold by Eben. Tracy, at the Three| Bibles on London-Bridge, 1716.| (Price Bound, One Shilling.)


[cheap design] wood cut frontispiece [fairies' dance, king and queen watching the spectacle with delight]/ titlepage/ [4] pp. dedication: "to the British Ladies"; signed: B. H./ p.1-161/ 12.


{O: Douce.T.186}.

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ESTC: t184978.

History of Publication

Cf. La Mothe, Marie Catherine Comtesse d'Aulnoy, Contes des fées (1698).link


Titel: "History".


According to preface a new edition built on the original and the existing translation to suit especially the female audience with the advantage of the abridgement: "to make it portable for your walking Diversion, and less Chargeable: and chiefly to set aside the Distances of Sentences and Words, which not only dissolve the Memory, but keep the most nice and material Intrigues, from a close Connexion", sowie "adapted [...] to a British Genius".