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A Banquet for Gentlemen and Ladies, 5th edition (London: D. Pratt, 1718).

A| BANQUET| FOR| Gentlemen and Ladies:| Consisting of NINE Tragi-Comical| NOVELS,| VIZ.| The Treacherous Friend,| The Jealous Husbands,| The Friendly Cheat,| Jealousy without Cause,| The Prodigal Reclaim'd| and Virginity Restor'd,| The Unfortunate Lovers,| The Cruel Mother,| The Bacchanalians.| Intermix'd with Several| Pleasant and Delightful| Tales and Stories.| [rule]| The Fifth Edition.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for Daniel Pratt, at the Bible against| York-Buildings in the Strand. 1718.


[cheap design] frontispiece [wood-cut with three sections; top: two gentlemen with wigs dragging a lady with them, a thirs observes them impotently; center: lady ready to stab herself, a gentleman assisting her; bellow: banquett]/ titlepage/ [2] pp. preface/ p.[1]-174/ 16.


{L: 12612.a.38}.


{L:} Pierre A. Motteux?

History of Publication

Cf. second edition (1703).link


Kurze Geschichten im englischen bürgerlichen Millieu, die Protagonisten haben telling names oder sind nach Stand oder Beruf geführt, Liebeshändel im Zentrum.