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[Behn, Aphra =] A. B.,
Love-Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister, pts. 1-3, 5th ed. (London: D. Brown/ J. Tonson/ J. Nicholson/ B. Tooke/ G. Strahan, 1718).

Love-Letters| BETWEEN A| NOBLEMAN| AND HIS| SISTER;| WITH THE| HISTORY| OF THEIR| ADVENTURES.| [rule]| In THREE PARTS.| [rule]| The FIFTH EDITION.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for D. Brown, J. Tonson, J. Nicholson,| B. Tooke, and G. Strahan. 1718.


p.[i] titlepage/ p.[iii-xi] dedication: Tho. Condon/ p.[xi-xiv] "The Argument"/ p.1-123/ new titlepage pt.2/ p.[127-30] dedication: Lemuel Kingdon; signed: A[phra]. B[ehn]./ p.131-287/ Zwischentiel pt.3/ p.[291-94] dedication: Lord Spencer; signed: A[phra]. B[ehn]./ p.295-505/ 8.


{L: 1077.l.40}.

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ESTC: t068683.


Aphra Behn (1640-1689).

History of Publication

Cf. vol. 1, 1st edition (1684).link


P.A2: "Book of Letters"; p.137 indirect self-classification in a passage in which the narrator's voice skips events [s]he thinks "well worthy, both for their Rarity and Comedy, to be related entirely by themselves in a Novel".