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Lyly, John,
The false Friend and inconstant Mistress (London: J. Hooke, 1718).

THE| FALSE FRIEND| AND| Inconstant Mistress:| An Instructive| NOVEL.| To which is added,| Love's Diversion;| DISPLAYING| The Artifices of the Female Sex in| their Amours, Dress, &c. With Di-|rections for the Education of Both| Sexes; and a Collection of Moral Let-|ters on curious Subjects.| [rule]| By John Lyly, M.A. One of the Refi-|ners of the English Tongue in the Reign of| Queen Elizabeth.| [rule]| London: John Hooke, at the Flower-de-|luce, overagainst St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-|street. 1718. Price 2 s.


p.[i] titlepage/ p.[iii-vi] dedication: Lord de la Warre [descendant of the second person mentioned in the dedication]/ p.[vii-x] preface/ p.[xi-xv] dedication: William West, Lord de la Warre; signed: Iohn Lyly/ p.[xvi-xviii] dedication: "To my very good Friends, the Gentlemen Schollers of Oxford"; signed: John Lyly/ p.[xix-xx] "To the Gentlemen Readers"/ p.1-146/ [6] pp. Contents/ small-4to.


{L: 12612.a.43}.

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ESTC: t064748.

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Cf. A. Esdaile (1912), p.93-96 source of the first part a modernisation of: Lyly, John, Euphues. The Anatomy of Wit (1578).link