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[Hearne, Mary =] H., M.,
The Lover's Week: or, the Six Days Adventures of Philander and Amaryllis, 2nd edition (London: E. Curll/ R. Francklin, 1718).

THE| LOVER'S| WEEK:| OR, THE| Six Days Adventures| OF| Philander and Amaryllis.| [rule]| Written by a Young LADY.| [rule]| The Cause of Love can never be assign'd;| 'Tis in no Face, but in the Lover's Mind.| Dryden.| [double rule]| The Second Edition.| LONDON:| Printed for E. CURLL at the Dial and Bible,| and R. FRANCKLIN at the Sun, both over-|against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street.| M.DCC.XVIII.| Price One Shilling.


p.[i] titlepage/ p.[iii-v] dedication: Mrs. Manley; dated: 29 May 1718; signed: M[ary]. H[earne]./ p.[vi-viii] Poem "To the Fair and Ingenious Author of the Lover's Week"; signed: Joseph Gay [i.e. Breval, John Durant 1680-1738]/ p.1-56 Text, dated: 23 April 1718/ 4.


{L: 1093.h.18}.

Bibliographical Reference

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M.H. = Mary Hearne see Honour, the Victory; and Love, the Prize. Illustrated in Ten Novels by Mrs. Hearne (London: E. Curll, 1720).link

History of Publication

Cf. The Lover's Week: or, The Six Days Adventures of Philander and Amaryllis (London: E. Curll/ R. Francklin, 1718).link