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Petis de la Croix, François, fils,
The Persian and the Turkish Tales, transl. by Dr. King and several other Hands, vols. 1-2, 2nd edition (London: W. Mears/ J. Browne, 1718).

THE| PERSIAN| AND THE| TURKISH| TALES,| COMPLEAT.| Translated formerly from those Languages| into French, by| M. Petis de la Croix,| Dean of the King's Interpreters, Reader and Pro-|fessor in the Royal College at Paris.| And now into English from that Translation,| By the late Learned Dr. KING,| And several other Hands.| To which are added,| Two LETTERS from a French Abbot to| his Friend at Paris; giving an Account of| the Island of MADAGASCAR; and of| the French Embassador's Reception by the| King of SIAM.| [rule]| In TWO VOLUMES.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| [rule]| VOL. I.| [double rule]| LONDON: Printed for W. Mears at the| Lamb, and J. Browne at the Black Swan,| both without Temple Bar. MDCCXVIII.


[2 vols., pagination changes in vol. 2] 1: frontispiece [Oriental bath mith nudes in tha water]/ black and red titlepage/ [4] pp. dedication: Theodosia Blye, Baroness of Clifton/ [4] pp. preface/ [2] pp. "Table" vol. 1/ p.1-495 "Persian Tales"/ 2: frontispiece [cf. vol. 1]/ black and red titlepage/ [4] pp. dedication: Lady Barnadiston/ [2] pp. "Table" vol. 2/ p.499-755 "Persian and Turkish Tales"/ [4] pp. "French Translator's Preface"/ [2] pp.


{L: 12519.dd.13}.

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ESTC: t130467.

History of Publication

Translation of [Petis de la Croix, François, fils,] Les mille et un jours, contes Persans (1710)link and Histoire de la sultane de Perse et des vizirs, contes Turcs (1707).link Cf. also for the greater context: Les mille et une nuits (Paris: Barbin, 1704).link