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Fontenelle, Bernhard Le Bovier de/ Behn, Aphra
The Theory or System of Several New Inhabited Worlds [...] English by Mrs. Behn (London, 1718).

THE| THEORY or SYSTEM| Of Several New Inhabited| WORLDS,| Lately Discover'd and Pleasantly Describ'd:| IN| Five Nights Conversation| WITH| Madam the Marchiones of ++| [rule]| Written in French by the Famous Mons. Fontanelle.| [rule]| Made English by Mrs. BEHN.| [rule]| [vignette: puttos]| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed in the Year MDCCXVIII.


titlepage: The Theory or System of Several New Inhabited Worlds by Mons. Fontanelle. Made English by Mrs. Behn/ [4] pp. dedication: Evelin, Earl of Kingston upon Hull; signed: Sam. Briscoe/ p.i-viii "Author's Preface"/ [2] pp. dedication: Mons. de L----./ p.1-114/ p.1-21 [recte. p.115-35] "An Essay on Translating Prose"/ p.[137] titlepage: The History of Oracles, written in Latin by Dr. Van-dale. Made English by Mrs. Behn/ p.[139]-46 preface/ p.147-292 [The text follows Fontanelle's French adaptation of his "Histoire des oracles" von Van Dales "De oraculis ethnicorum"]/ p.[293]: titlepage: The Unfortunate Bride: or, The Blind Lady a Beauty. A Novel. By Mrs. A. Behn/ p.295-312/ p.[313] Titelbl: The Dumb Virgin or The Force of Imagination. A Novel. By Mrs Behn/ p.[315]-48/ p.[349] titlepage: The Unfortunate Happy Lady. A true History. By Mrs A. Behn/ p.[350]-91/ p.[393] titlepage: The Wandring Beauty; or The Lucky Fair One. By Mrs. A. Behn/ p.395-425/ p.[427] titlepage: The Unhappy Mistake; or The Impious Vow Punish'd. By Mrs. A. Behn/ p.429-79/ 8.


{L: 12613.c.33}.

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The edition is somewhat mysterious. P.479 identifies the pages as a "Second Volume" - but what was then the titlepage of volume one? Was it All the Histories and Novels written by the late ingenious Mrs. Behn, intire in one Volume (London: M. Wellington, 1718) - it does not sound like there could have been a second volume to it. The pagination is somewhat erratic but ultimately correct.