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Smith , Alexander [pseud.],
Highway-Men (London: S. Briscoe/ A. Dodd, 1719).


A Compleat| HISTORY| OF THE| LIVES and ROBBERIES| Of the most Notorious| Highway-Men, Foot-Pads, Shop-Lifts,| and Cheats, of both Sexes, in and about| London and Westminster, and all Parts of| Great Britain, for above an Hundred Years| past. continu'd to the present Time.| Wherein their most Secret and Barbarous Mur-|ders, Unparalell'd Robberies, notorious Thefts,| and Unheard of Cheats, are set in a true Light,| and expos'd to publick View, for the common| Benefit of Mankind| [rule]| To which is prefix'd,| The THIEVES New CANTING-|DICTIONARY,| Explaining the most mysterious Words,| New Terms, Significant Phrases, and Pro-|per Idioms, used at this present Time by our| Modern Thieves.| [rule]| By Capt. ALEX. SMITH.| [rule]| The Fifth Edition (adorn'd with Cuts) with the Addi-|tion of near Two Hundred Robberies lately committed.| [rule]| In Two VOLUMES.| [rule]| LONDON Printed for Sam. Briscoe, and sold by| A. Dodd at the Peacock without Temple-Bar. 1719.


[2 vols. sep. pag. with engravings] frontispiece [the Golden Farmer attacks a convoy of three coaches]/ black and red titlepage/ p.i-vii preface signed: Alexander Smith/ [14] pp. "Table" alphabetical, names and deeds/ new titlepage: "Canting Dictionary"/ 1[14] pp. "Dictionary"/ p.1-326/ 2: frontispiece [robbery with Andrew Baynes, background: burglars, pickpockets, thieves at the gallows]/ black and red titlepage/ p.i-viii preface signed: Alexander Smith/ [16] pp. "Table"/ p.1-364/ 12.


{L: 615.a.17-18 [with vol. 3 (1720)]}.

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ESTC: t097129.

History of Publication

Cf. The History of the Most Noted Highway-men (London: J. Morphew/ A. Dodd, 1714).link


Titel: "History", singular, even though the book presents more than one.


Offers the stories published in 1714, the dictionary mentioned and several new bibliographies including John Falstaff's life.