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[Hamilton, Anthony,?] Count Grammont
Memoirs of the English Court, 2nd (London: J. Graves/ J. Harbin/ J. Harrison, 1719).


MEMOIRS| OF THE| ENGLISH COURT,| During the REIGNS of| K. CHARLES II.| AND| K. JAMES II.| Containing in Particular,| The Amorous Intrigues of K. C. and K. J.| Dutchesses of York, Orleans, Portsmouth, Cleave-|land Richmond, Ladies Schrewsbury,| Middleton,| Chesterfield, Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. Churchill, Mrs. Bal-|landin, Mrs. Hamilton, &c. the Dukes of Bucking-|ham, Ormond, Dover, Montague, Earls of Roche-|ster, Arram, Lumley Carlingford, Lords Churchill,| Cornwallis, &c.| [rule]| Written Originally in French by Count de GRAM-|MONT. Translated into English by Mr. BOYER.| [rule]| The SECOND EDITION: To which is added a Com-|pleat KEY.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for J. GRAVES in St. James's Street, J. HARBIN,| at the New Exchange, and J. HARRISON at the Cor-|ner of the Royal Exchange in Cornhill. 1719.


[2] pp. "Advertisement"/ p.1-356 [with bookadvertisement on p.356]/ 8.


{L: 614.h.2}.

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The English edition published in 1719 (this edition) notes Grammont himself as the author. Regularily attributed to Anthony Hamilton.

History of Publication

Source: Mémoires de la vie du comte de Grammont; contenant particuliérement l'histoire amoureuse de la cour d'angleterre, sous le regne de Charles II. (Cologne: P. Marteau, 1713).link