lineThe Novel

Barker, Jane,
The Amours of Bosvil and Galesia, 2nd edition (London: A. Bettesworth/ E. Curll, 1719).

THE| AMOURS| OF| Bosvil and Galesia,| As related to| LUCASIA, in St. Germain's Garden.| A| NOVEL.| [rule]| Written by Mrs. JANE BARKER.| [rule]| Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci.| [rule]| The SECOND EDITION Corrected.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for A. Bettesworth and E. Curll. 1719.


titlepage/ "To Mrs Jane Barker" [poem, signed: G. Sewell]/ p.1-64/ [2] pp. books published by A. Bettesworth/ [2] pp. books published by E. Curll.


{L: 1076.e.5}.

Bibliographical Reference

W. H. McBurney (1960), p.24: 66a. - ESTC: t142995.

History of Publication

Cf. Love Intrigues: or, The History of the Amours of Bosvil and Galesia (London: E. Curll/ C. Crownfield, 1713).link