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[Forde (or Ford), Emanuel,]
The Famous and Pleasant History of Parismus, 6th edition (London: T. Norris, 1719).


The Famous and Pleasant| HISTORY| OF| PARISMUS,| The Valiant and Renowned| Prince of BOHEMIA.| [rule]| In Three Parts.| [rule]| PART I. Containing his Triumphant Bat-|tles fought against the Persians, his Love to the| Beautiful Laurana, the great Dangers ha pas-|sed in the Island of Rocks, and his strange Ad-|ventures in the Desolate Island.| PART II. Containing the Adventurous| Travels, and Noble Chivalry of Parismenos,| the Knight of Fame, with his Love to the| fair Princess Angelica, the Lady of the Gol-|den Tower.| PART III. Containing the Admirable Ad-|ventures and truly Heroick Atchievements of| Parismenides, Knight of the Golden Star, with| his Love to the Fair Astrea, Princess| of Au-|stracia, and other rare Adventures.| [rule]| The Sixth Edition.| LONDON: Printed by Tho. Norris. 1719.


[cheap design] titlepage/ [2] pp. preface/ p.1-185 with numerous (often repeated) standard illustrations/ p.[186] books published by die Booksellers of Pye-Corner and London Bridge/ p.[187] Medicine sold by E. & Hannah Tracy/ 12.


{O: Vet.A4f.1683} {NA:NN: NCV}.

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Titel: "History".

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Source: One of the numerous adaptations of Forde, Emanuel, Parismus, the renowned Prince of Bohemia (1598/99).link Cf. for further information A. Esdaile (1912), p.51-54.