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[Rousset de Missy, Jean,]
The History of Cardinal Alberoni (London: S. Illidge/ T. Corbet/ H. Riboteau, 1719).

THE| HISTORY| OF| CARDINAL| ALBERONI;| CHIEF FAVOURITE| OF THEIR| Catholick Majesties;| And| Universal Minister| OF THE| SPANISH Monarchy;| From his Birth to the Year 1719.| To which are Added| CONSIDERATIONS upon the Pre-|sent State of the Spanish Monarchy.| [rule]| Faithfully Translated from the Originals.| [rule]| Quidam, ad eas laudes, quas à majoribus acceperunt, ad-|dunt aliquam suam; maximèque in eo elaborant ii, qui magna sibi proponunt, obscuris orti Majoribus.| Cic. de Off. l.1 c.32.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for Sam. Illidge under| Serle's-Gate, Lincolns-Inn New Square; Tho.| Corbet at Addison's Head without Temple-Bar; and Hen. Riboteau at the Crown near| Exeter-Exchange in the Strand; MDCCXIX.


frontispiece [portrait of Alberoni]/ titlepage/ p.[1]-264/ 8.


{L: 1201.c.16}.

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W. H. McBurney (1960), p.39: 107.

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Source: [Rousset de Missy, Jean] Histoire du cardinal Alberoni, depuis sa naissance jusqu'au commencement de l'année 1719. Par Mr. J. R. Traduit de l'espagnol (LaHague, 1719).link