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The Pastoral Amours of Daphnis and Chloe (London: J. Botherton/ W. Meadows/ J. Roberts/ J. Graves/ A. Dodd, 1719).

THE| Pastoral Amours| OF| DAPHNIS| AND| CHLOE.| [rule]| Written Originally in GREEK by| LONGUS, and Translated| into ENGLISH.| [rule]| Adorn'd with CUTTS.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed; and Sold by J. Botherton and W. Meadows, J. Roberts, J. Graves and A. Dodd, 1719.


8 pp./ 200 pp. [ill.]/ 12°.


{NA-CLU-C: PA4229.L.8E5.1719}.

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ESTC: n011961.

History of Publication

Source: Longos, Poimenika kata Daphnin kai Chloenlink


preface: "Pastoral", "History".


The love of Daphnis und Chloe, a prototype of the romance with the feeling of love existing before it is fully discovered - a discovery in which others are often in the better position whilst the lover is fooled by his or her real motivations. Introduced here as classic rivalling Heliodor's Ęthiopica.