lineThe Novel

The Original London Post, or Heathcote's Intelligence
Newspaper-edition of [DeFoe, Daniel,] Robinson Crusoe, (London, 1 Apr. - 18 Oct. 1720).

Rrrrrrrrr (1) Numb. 203| [between two cuts, left: seller of newspapers calling »London Post«, right: seller of newspapers calling »News from Spain«:] THE| ORIGINAL| LONDON| POST,| OR| [whole page:] Heathcote's Intelligence;| Being a Collection of the| Freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick.| [rule]| Friday April 1. 1720.| [rule]| The Life of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Continued.| THAT homely Proverb used on so many Occasions in England, viz. [...]


single sheet newspaper, 25 x 14 cm.


{L: G.10523}.

Bibliographical Reference

H. C. Hutchins (1925), p.157-66.

History of Publication

Cf. [DeFoe, Daniel] Robinson Crusoe, vol. 1, 1st edition (London: W. Taylor, 1719).link