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Forde, Emanuel,
The Famous History of Montelion (London: H. Tracy/ S. Bates, 1720).

The Famous| H[!]STORY| OF| MONTELION.| Knight of the ORACLE,| Son to the True Mirrour of Prin-|ces, the most Renowned Pericles,| King of Assyria.| Shewing his strange Birth, unfortu-|nate Love, perillous Adventures,| &c. Adorned with suitable Cuts,| and interpos'd with Variety of| Pleasant and Instructive Stories.| [rule]| See, lovely Fair, what may be done,| To gain a Heart that loves but one,| VVhat Victims fall a Sacrifice,| To grace Love's Altar, with Love's Prize?| Montelion strives to gain the Bliss,| And make your Joys his Happiness:| So once Ulysses Ten Years strove,| To grasp the numerous Charms of Love.| [rule]| London: Printed for Hanna Tracy, at the| Three Bibles on London-bridge; And| Sarah Bates, at the Sun and Bible in| Giltspur-street, 1720.


[cheap design with numerous repeating standard woodcuts] p.[1] frontispiece [woodcut: woman in ancient costume and knight; castle in the background]/ p.[3] titelpage/ p.[5-8] preface/ p.9-167/ 12.


{L: 12403.a.19}.

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ESTC: t128616.

History of Publication

Cf.: A. Esdaile (1912), p.49-50. The source is one of the numerous abridgements of Emanuel Forde's The Famous Histoire of Montelyon, Knight of the Oracle (1633).link


Title: "History".


Preface with a defence of the "Abridgement": the "Designs" become more apparent, so that the morals remain useable even thoug the plot is "fabulous". Secondly: Facts which only put an unneccessay burden on the reader's memory are removed. Thirdly: The book gets cheaper and easier to carry. - Montelion is the son of Persicles, king of Assyria, and Constantia, a Persian princess. His mother is imprisoned in an enchanted castle, her son has to free her. Lost identities are discovered, battles and tornaments fought. A hasty narration with the contents summarized at the beginning of each chapter lead through the action.