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[DeFoe, Daniel?]
The Dumb Philosopher (Dublin: T. Hume, 1720).

THE| DUMB PHILOSOPHER;| OR| Great-Britain's Wonder,| CONTAINING| I. A faithful and very surprizing Account how DICK-|ORY CRONKE, a Tinner's Son in| the County of Corn-|wal, was born Dumb, and continued so for 58 Years;| and how some Days before he died, he came to his| Speech: With Memoirs of his Life, and the Manner| of his Death.| II. A Declaration of his Faith and Principles in Reli-|gion: With a Collection of Select Meditations, Com-|posed in his Retirement.| III. His Prophetical Observations upon the Affairs of| Europe, more particularly of Great-Britain, from 1720,| to 1729. The whole extracted from his Original| Papers, and confirmed by unquestionable Authority.| To which is annexed.| His Elegy written by a young Cornish Gentleman, of| Exeter Coll. in Oxford; with an Epitaph by another Hand.| [rule]| Non quis, sed quid.| [rule]| DUBLIN: Printed and Sold by THO. HUME, next| Door to the Walsh's-Head in Smock-Alley, 1720.


titlepage/ p.v-iv preface/ p.5-52/ 8.


{E: Crawford.ET.1720} {NA:PP: Dublin.1720.Dumb} {D:}.

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Cf. The Dumb Philosopher (London: T. Bickerton, 1719).link