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The German Rogue: or, The Life [...] of Tiel Eulespiegle (London, 1720).

The German Rogue: or, The Life [...] of Tiel Eulespiegle (London, 1720).

THE| German ROGUE:| OR, THE| LIFE| And MERRY| ADVENTURES,| Cheats, Stratagems,| AND| CONTRIVANCES| OF| TIEL EULESPIEGLE.| [rule]| Let none Eulespiegle's Artifices blame,| For Rogues of ev'ry Country are the same.| [rule]| Made English from the High-Dutch.| [rule]| [vignette]| LONDON: Printed in the Year MDCCXX.


titlepage/ p.i-ii preface/ p.1-111/ 8.


{L: 12315.c.20}.

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ESTC: t100248.


p.i: "History", "Romance" with the recourse to Huet's reference to the work in his History of Romances [cf. Stepen's translation (1715), p.136.]

History of Publication

Wunderliche und seltsame Historien Tillen


The English version skips some of the aspects the usual edition offered (like simple woodcuts and cheap design) and thus turns Till Eulenspiegel from a popular book into a classic - which definitly fools the reader who is offered the classic mentioned by Huet, adorned with footnotes in fine print. The preface is short and puts the work into one category with the great Rabelais'works. The author who knew what kind of book he sold his distiguished audience - one which they would have never bought in its regular cheap design - must have been delighted about the game he played with the audience's new demand of sincere and great classics.