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[Fernandez, Géromino,]
The Honour of Chivalry, or the Famous and Delectable History of Don Bellianis of Greece (Dublin: L. Dillon).

THE| HONOUR| OF| CHIVALRY:| OR,| The Famous and Delectable| HISTORY| OF| Don Bellianis of Greece,| CONTAINING| The Valiant Exploits of that Magnanimous and Heroick Prince; Son unto| the Emperor Don Bellaneo of Greece| Wherein are described, the Strange and Dangerous Adventures that befel| him: With his Love toward the Princess Florisbella Daughter to the Soldan| of Babylon.| [rule]| Translated out of Italian.| [rule]| Sed tamen est tristissima janua nostræ,| Et labor est unus tempora prima pati.| [rule]| DUBLIN,| Printed by and for Luke Dillon, at the Bible in High-street.| Where Merchants and others may be furnish'd with all Sorts of School-|books and Histories at reasonalble Rates.


[seperate pagination: pt. 1 und pts. 2-3; cheap design] p.[1] titlepage/ p.[2] "Translator's Epistle"/ p.3-108/ second titlepage: pts. 2-3, written by J. S. Gent./ p.[2] preface: signed: J. Shirley/ p.3-100/ 4.



Bibliographical Reference

A. Esdaile (1912), p.20-21.

History of Publication

Cf. Géromino Fernandez, The Honour of Chivalry (1598).link


Titel: "History".