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B, A.,
The Perfidious Brethren, or, the Religious Triumvirate (London: T. Bickerton/ W. Meadows/ J. Brotherton/ A. Dodd, 1720).

THE| Perfidious Brethren,| OR, THE| Religious Triumvirate:| Display'd in Three Ecclesiastical| NOVELS.| I. Heathen Priestcraft: Or| the Female Bigot. Being the History of DECIUS MUNDUS, and| PAULINA.| II. Presbyterian Piety; or the| Way to Get a Fortune.| III. The Cloven-Foot: Or the| Anabaptist Teacher Detected.| [rule]| Scires è Sanguine Natos. Ovid.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for T. Bickerton at the Crown in| Paternoster-Row. W. Meadows, and J.| Brotherton in Cornhill; and A. Dodd,| without Temple-Bar. 1720.| Price 1 s. 6 d.


titlepage/ [6] pp. dedication: Lieut. Governor of Virginia; signed: A. B.; dated: London, 23 June 1720/ p.[1]-104/ 8.


{L: 12611.g.9}.

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"A. B."


Titel: "Ecclesiastical Novels".


Three novels written to divert the Governor. The stories deal with the abuse of religion by representatives of false religions. - Story 1: "Heathen Priestcraft": Rome, A. M. 3998, Isis-priests help Decius Mundus, to get as God Anubis into Paulina's bed. As Mundus brags with his deceit, Paulina's husband accuses him publicly. The priests are sentenced to death, Mundus, a victim of his love, has to leave Rome. - Story 2: "Presbyterian Piety": London, the dissolute Philedon makes use Sordidor's teacher, a Presbyterian, to get Urania, member of this church and worth £100. The lady realises the deceit only after their marriage. - Story 4: "The Cloven-Foot": Cornutus marries Flora. Her father confessor, Anabaptist preacher Whiskero uses his religious position, to destroy the marriage and to make Flora pregnant.