lineThe Novel

Manley, Dealrivier/ William Painter Clarke,
The Power of Love (Dublin: P. Dugan, 1720).

THE| Power of Love| IN SEVEN| NOVELS.| VIZ.| I. The Fair Hypocrite.| II. The Physician's Stratagem.| III. The Wife's Resentment.| IV. V. {The Husband's Re-|sentment.| In Two Examples.| VI. The happy Fugitives.| VII. The Perjur'd Beauty.| [rule]| Never before Published.| [rule]| By Mrs. MANLEY.| [rule]| DUBLIN:| Reprinted for Patrick Dugan, on Cork| Hill, near Castle-Gate. 1720.


titlepage/ p.iii-viii dedication: Lady Lansdowne,/ p.1-230/ [2] pp. books published by P. Dugan [anti-catholic theology; Charles Shadwell, Poetry; Sermons by Robert South]/ 8.


{C: Hib.7.720.17}.

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ESTC: t173883.

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Cf. The Power of Love (London: J. Barber/ J. Morphew, 1720).link