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Garouville, de
L'amant oisif (1671).

A. a this editionL'amant oisif (1671).


B. a Der müßige Amant (Wien/ Leipzig: J. G. Grahl, 1712).link

Don Gomés, who loves Dona Bessona most of all, because he wants to have the honour of loving her, marries her to Don Lopéz - an act which does not diminish his honour as her lover but which serves to increase his love. Raging with jalousy Don Lopéz wounds his wife and Don Joseph (who supports her as the most neutral friend); Don Gomés in return wounds Don Lopéz - and finds as all three protagonists have to recover the time to tell Dona Bessona a selection of stories. The stories show even in the tragical circumstances a distint lightheratedness and irony matching the athmosphere of the frame - yet Don Gomés will not get back what gave away (which will again not be a catastrophy as far as we can judge).