lineThe Novel

Der Staat von Schlaraffen-Land.

Der| Staat| Von| Schlaraffen-|Land.


frontispiece [zu Sonne schwebender, mit Flaschen behängter Mann]/ title page/ p.3-75/ 8vo.


{23: QuN.495(3)} {23: QuN 605 (6)} {12:}

Bibliographical Reference

M. Bircher (1990), B 9218. Weber/ Mithal (1983), p.239: x.

Date of Publication

Wber/ Mithal: c. 1700. I would rather assume a date like 1713 - M. Bircher (1990), B 9134-9218 lists numerous titels of the same design, dealing all with real states, attributed to Heinrich Ludwig Gude and Kaspar Gottschling, and published by the Rengerische Buchhandlung in Halle between 1708 and 1714 - which makes it likely that the satirical parody appeared at the time.


Satire on age and youth - the report on the mythical Schlaraffen-Land (where people no longer need to work as fruits do directly grow into their mouths) is promised to follow with the next volume (which never apeared).