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  2.   Histoire politique et amoureuse du ... Portocarère, 1703.
    Des berühmten [...] Portocarero Staats- und Liebesgeschichte. Cöln 1704.
  4.   Le Comte de Warwick, 1703
    Author: Aulnoy, Marie Catherine Jumelle de Berneville, comtesse d'.
    • (Amsterdam, 1707).
    • (Amsterdam, 1708).
    • The History of the Earl of Warwick, Sirnam'd the King-Maker: Containing his Amours, And other Memorable Transactions. By the Author of the Memoirs of the English Court. Another edition, printed and Sold by J. Woodward and J. Morphew, 1708.


  2.   A Banquet for Gentlemen and Ladies [...] second edition.
  4.   Russen, David. Iter-Lunare: or, a Voyage to the Moon. Containing some Considerations of the Nature of that Planet. The Possibility of getting thither. With other Pleasant Conceits about the Inhabitants, their Manners, and Customs (Printed for J. Nutt 1703).
    Bibliographical Reference: W.H.McBurney (1960), p.6: 147 pp. I2 18d. (TC, III, 402). {L: 1O81.d.9}. History of Publication: (1703; 1707)
  6.   LETTERS| FROM THE| LIVING to the LIVING,| Relating to the Present TRANSACTIONS both| Publick and Private.| With their several ANSWERS.| Vnder the following Heads, Viz.| Reformation. The P---| of P--pl--r, to a City| Knight, for some years| since one of the Elect,| but now under a State| of Reprobation, &c.| Sing-song Tigellius the| Undone, the Unfortu-|nate Tigellius, to his| Brethren at Will's-Cof-|fee House.| Clement, the Pope, to| the Doge, and Republick| of Venice.| Mr. J-- F-- to Mr.| J-- P--| Abridgment a Booksel-|ler to Original an Author.| The Two hundred| Maidens at the Bath, to| the Virgins in Oxford.| The Duke of Burgun-|dy to the King of Spain.| Tom Double to his Brother Vnder-Spur-Lea-|ther in the Country| John D--by, the Pha-|risaical Printer to John T--d the Scribe| From a Voluntier at| St. Maries, to his Friend in London.| A Letter from a| young Officer at Vigo,| to his Friend at London.| Gossip Murroy, the Projector to Inquisitive Love-|News.| [rule]| Written by Several Hands.| [rule]| Quidquid agunt Homines, Votum, Timor, Ira, Voluptas,| Guadia, Discursus, Nostri est Farrago Libelli| Juvenal.| [rule]| London, Printed in the Year 1703.
    Bibliographical Reference: Not listed by W. H. McBurney (1960). 215 pp./ 21 pp. Reprinted in Letters from the Living to the Living (Anonymous) [Foundations of the Novel, ed. Michael F. Shugrue] (New York/ London, 1973).
  8.   [THE| ADVENTURES| OF| LINDAMIRA,| A Lady of Quality. etc. 1703.]
    Bibliographical Reference: editions according to W. H. McBurney (1960), p.5: (1702; 1703; 1713 als The Lover's Secretary; 1734) TC (III, 347) lists a 12 edition printed for Wellington, "Revised and Corrected by Mr. Thomas Brown." Boyce finds "no record otherwise of such an edition."
  10.   Scarron, Paul. The Whole Comical Works of Monsr. Scarron. [...] "The Second Edition, Revised and Corrected, printed for S. and J.Sprint, J.Nicholson, R.Parker, and Benj. Tooke. 1703.
    Bibliographical Reference: W.H.McBurney (1960): (1st edition 1700; 1703; 1712; 1727) 560 pp. (1-331, 337-494, 497-560). 8 {L: 12237.bbb.27}.


  2.   Curieuser Frauenzimmer-Roman, oder Liebes-Assemblé. Von Abelinda. Leipzig: Heydler 1703.
    Bibliographical Reference: Weber/ Mithal (1983), p.144: R- HG.
  4.   Der Durchlauchtigsten Alcestis und ihres tapffern Printzen Arsaces Liebes- und Heldengedicht. Leipzig 1703.
    Bibliographical Reference: Weber/ Mithal (1983), p.194: [August Bohse] Joins Alcestis (1689) with Arsaces (1691). {38:}.
  6.   Liebe| und| Intriquen| unterschiedener| Maitressen| vornehmer| Potentaten| Mit unpartheyischer Feder| entworffen.| [vignette]| [rule]| Cölln,| Bey Peter Marteau,| Anno
  8. Octavia| Römische Geschichte:| Zugabe| des Andern Theils.| Der| Hochlöblichen| Nymfen-Gesellschaft| an der Donau| gewidmet.| [vignette]| Nürnberg,| In Verlegung Johann Hoffmanns S. Wittib| und Engelbert Streck| Anno M DCC
  10.   Wunderlicher Traum| Von einem grossen| Narren Nest.| Welches| Gaudentius Hilarion wider| alles Verhoffen gefunden, vnd auß-|genommen.| Allen respectiv gutmeinenden Ge-|müteren, die da ein sittliche Lehr, sambt| einer ersprießlichen Zeitvertreibung nicht| waigeren.| Für ein Neu-Jahrs-|Schanckung offeriret| Von P. ABRAHAM Augustiner-| Barfüsser-Ordens, Kayserl. Predi-|gern, und Provinz-Desfinitorn.| Cum Permissu Superiorum.| Gedruckt zu Salzburg bey Melchior| Haan, Einer Löbl. Landschafft und Stadt-Buch-| druckern und Handlern.| Im Jahr Christi 1703.
    Bibliographical Reference: 20th century edition published by Reclam.