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  • Following Compiled by Lionel Laborie
  • Author: Philippe de Gentil de Langallerie
  • Cod. 6968, 6971, 6972 and 6966: Philippe de Gentil marquis de Langallerie Lieutenant général des armées de France et Général-Feldt-Maréchal, Lieutenant au Civil de l’Empereur Charles VI., Journal comencé a Cassel 1. Avril 1713 et achevé a Stade 13. Juin 1716. Incip.: „J'ay cessé descrire dans ce journal... “ Expl.: '„puis fonction du soir a l'ordinaire. “ Autographon auctoris.




26 Hamburg: Langallerie worked on a half-French half-German memoir for the King of Denmark with his secretary. The operator Mr Cellevile (?) visited him and Langallerie promised him his protection when they would leave together. Langallerie bought the Gazette d'Amsterdam (dated 22 May) to have the list of the imperial troops. A Swiss Reformed servant presented him to Langallerie, but seems to have left with Mme de Glakener (?), a Polish woman with whom Langallerie had had diner the day before. Langallerie went to the stock exchange and met with the envoys to the Residents of Denmark, England and Prussia, as well as many other important people, and left a copy of his memoir to the Resident of Denmark for the king. He then went to Altona with his carriage to visit minister de Vernaiou (?) and his wife, where he met with a Pietist fisherman and self-proclaimed prophet who lives with them. He later picked up Mr Dumont, merchant and correspondent of Liber Meyer, and took his to see five ships and their crew.

28 Hamburg: Langallerie attended the sermon of Mr Le Blanc, a great Methodist, then talked with Mr Dumont, Meyer's associate (Meyer is in Bremen). His secretary went to the Resident of Denmark to deliver his master's memoir. Langallerie showed Dumont the treaty with the Turkish Aga (Dec. 1715) and Dumont could not believe he was involved in such plans. The latter sent the secretary to the stock exchange to meet with two Jews who were supposed to give an answer from their synagogue, but they were not there. His Excellency was visited by Mr de Rochefort, commissary of the French navy, and Comte de Ranceau, the same one who had been in Amsterdam earlier.

29 Hamburg: Langallerie went out with Mr de Voutron. A Jew brought him some papers. Visits by Comte de Ranceau, then Mr de Chateau d'Un. Langallerie found out by the English Resident that Denmark would not support his project to assemble troops (?). He then visited the Prussian envoy, the Residents of Holland and England, Chevalier de Livaro, but they were all out. He had tea with Mme Dodic (?) and visited the Resident of France in his bedroom. He saw Comte de Ranceau in the evening, who had recently married a wealthy young woman, and who told him about the rumours on his project in the Dutch gazettes.

30 Hamburg: Langallerie saw Chevalier Livaro, Mr de Vernoyeau, minister Le Blanc at the French church in Altona. He had an erotic dream that night. Léonard de Hennin, armurier from Liège, who lives in Hamburg (aux trois faisans, rue Milbruck) offered his services to make weapons for Langallerie's troops and was refered to Mr Dumont. A Swedish captain also offered his services for Langallerie's project on that day. Langallerie went to visit Rochefort, but did not find him.