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Treaty Theocracy with Osman Aga 18/04/1716

Philippe de Gentil de Langallerie, René Godefroy Louis Ernest Joseph Le Hachard, Landgrave de Linange, Osman Aga

Document in Arabian and French script (dated 1128) translation into Latin dated 05/08/1717. First Person pronoun: Osman Aga referring to "notre Prophete".

  1. The representatives of the Theocratie du verbe incarné will enjoy the best possible reception in Constantinople.
  2. The representatives of the Theocracy will be offered houses outside of Constantinople by the Sultan according to their rank.
  3. The representatives of the Theocracy will enjoy freedom of religion with their families and followers.
  4. The Sultan will support the Theocracy and their families for six will Rang according to their rank.
  5. Members of the Theocracy will enjoy the same freedom in Turkey as Turks enjoy in protestant nations.
  6. As soon as they arrive the Sultan will supply a force of 10.000 knights including French and German men. The Ottoman Empire will build up a fleet of 50 Ships to be commanded by Linange and Langallerie.
  7. All Christian slaves ready to serve the Theocracy will be set free.
  8. All Christians and Jews will enjoy freedom of religion.
  9. The Ottoman Emperor promises islands in the Mediterranean to be ruled by the Theocracy. Leaders of the Theocracy will become Oriental kings on these islands able to inherit their rights to their children.
  10. The Sultan promises Langallerie and Linange to get back what they have lost to France.
  11. The Ottoman ambassador grants the Sultan's protection and friendship.
  12. The alliances of Langallerie and Linange will be protected. All Muslims will respect them. Whoever is not ready to accept these conditions risks capital punishment, should the leaders of the Theocracy call for justice. This treaty is signed by the partners in the contract.

Treaty Langallerie, Linange Lislemarais 09/05/1716

Treaty of alliance. They together form the head of the Theocracy, parallel to the Trinity. The treasurer will be based in Amsterdam – will have three Treasurers working for him. each of them serving, the three heads.

The entire organization is detailed with the different positions it will create. 12 Adjudants, a Chancellor general with 6 secretaries… Hierarchy of servants. [all these details – e.g. the prostitute business and the title business, a company of a hundred men on horseback.] A supreme butler with 6 working under him 3 in Amsterdam 3 serving the others. A supreme cook with 6 bellow. female servants. 6 women to do the laundry and 6 taylors.


Linange as prince of Holy Empire, accepted the transport done by Mr. Alexander Süsskind the Interpreter and Treasurer of Berend Lehmann, resident to the King of Poland, in Lower Saxony via Mr Marol, Notary in Amsterdam on the 6th of May 1716. Cedant is carrying the Money in Linange’s name to receive the payment from the before mentioned resident, 12.680 rigsdalers.