Introduction:Jane Barker, Exilius (1715)

From Marteau

Note on the Text

The present edition of Jane Barker's Exilius (1715) is hardly more than a project. The version presented needs to be checked against the first edition. Contact us at if you are reading Barker's Exilius and feel you could help us with a first proof reading. We will provide you with paper copies of the first edition. The present text is that of a later edition, slighly revised and offered here only in order to present the original preface to a course on the rise of the novel at the university of Oldenburg. Some emendations have been made, original page ornaments and pagination have been added to allow comparisions with the first edition, yet the text cannot be quoted at this stage as text of the first edition.

Textual Commentary

Jane Barker's Exilius did indeed open with the frontispiece Curll had used before in the publication of Delarivier Manley's Adventures of Rivella (1714). An introduction covering this detail will follow at a later stage.


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