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St. Martin's Lane Covent Garden Lincolns-Inn-Fields West-Smith-Fields St. Bartholomew Little Britain Warwick Exchange Thread-needle


Strand Temple-Bar White-Fryars Fleet-Street Stationer's Hall St. Paul's Church Yard Pater-noster-Row London-Bridge Cheapside Lombard Cornhill


  • Ferdinando Burleigh in Amen-Corner


  • N. Cliff at the Golden Candlestick in Cheapside
  • T. Cox, Cheapside near Mercers Chappel
  • D. Jackson, at the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapside, near Mercers-Chappel
  • T. Sharpey, at the White-Hart in Cheapside


  • Andrew Bell, at the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhill
  • Nicholas Boone, at the Sign of the Bible in Cornhill
  • J. Brotherton in Cornhill
  • R. Halfey at the Plow in Cornhill
  • J. Harrison at the Corner of the Royal Exchange in Cornhill
  • W. Meadows at the Black Bull in Cornhill
  • G. Strahan, Golden Ball in Cornhill over-against the Royal Exchange
  • E. Symon, Corner of Pope's-Head-Aleey in Cornhill

Covent Garden

  • W. Chetwood, at Cato's-Head, (the Post-Office) in Great Russelstreet, Covent Garden
  • W. Lewis in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden


  • N. and M. Boddington, at the Golden-Ball in Duck-Lane


  • J. Harbin, at the New Exchange
  • W. Hinchliffe, at Dryden's-Head under the Royal-Exchange
  • R. Parker, under the Royal-Exchange
  • J. Round at Seneca's Head in Change-Alley

Exeter Change

  • W. Bray at the East End of Inner-Walk of Exeter-Change


  • T. Caldecott, at the Sun; both against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet
  • A. Collins at the Black-Boy in Fleetstreet
  • E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet
  • R. Francklin at the Sun, overagainst St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street
  • R. Gosting at the Mitre in Fleetstreet
  • John Hooke, at the Flower-deluce, overagainst St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet
  • Bernard Lintott, at the Cross-Keys between the Two Temple-Gates. Fleetstreet
  • J. Pemberton at the Buck and Sun, against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street
  • E. Sanger, at the Middle-Temple Gate in Fleet-Street
  • Benj. Tooke, at the Middle-Temple Gate in Fleet-Street

Giltspur Steet

  • C. Bates, at the Sun and Bible in Giltspur-street. 1720: Sarah Bates


  • Sam. Illidge under Serle's-Gate, Lincolns-Inn New Square
  • J. Milner at Lincolns-Inn Back Gate, in Lincolns-Inn-Fields
  • John Watts, at the Printing-Office in Wild-Court near Lincolns-Inn-Fields

Little Britain

  • Sam. Buckley at the Dolphin in Little Britain
  • Samuel Burows, Little Britain
  • J. Nicholson, at the Kings-Arms at the Bell in Little-Britain
  • J. and B. Sprint, at the Bell in Little-Britain
  • W. Wilkins, at the Dolphin in Little-Britain


  • J. Osborn at the Oxford Arms in Lombard-Street
  • T. Varnham in Lombard-Street


  • A. Bettesworth at the Red Lyon on London-Bridge
  • T. Norris at the Looking-Glass, on London-Bridge
  • Eben Tracy, at the Three Bibles on London-Bridge.


  • J. Baker, at the Black Boy in Pater-Noster-Row.
  • S. Baker (1717)
  • J. Batley at the Dove in Pater-noster-Row
  • Tho. Bickerton, at the Crown in Pater-Noster-Row
  • W. Boreham, at the Angel in Pater-noster-Row
  • John Churchill, at the Black Swan in Pater-Noster-Row. 1719: W. Churchill
  • R. King at the Queen's-head in Pater-noster-row
  • S. Popping at the Raven in Pater-noster-Row
  • W. Taylor, at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row
  • T. Warner, in Pater noster Row

Scalding Alley

  • J. Woodward in Scalding-Alley, over against Stocks-Market

St. Bartholomew

  • J. Darby, Bartholomew Close
  • Joseph Downing. in Bartholomew-Close, near West-Smithfield

St. James's Street

  • J. Graves, next White's Chocolate-House in St. James's Street
  • Geo. Harris, next door to the Bagnio in St. James's-street

St. Martin's Lane

  • J. Harding at the upper-end of St. Martin's-Lane

St. Paul's Church Yard

  • J. Moore, near St. Paul's-Church-Yard
  • C. Rivington, in St. Paul's Church-yard
  • R. Wellington at the Dolphin and Crown, the Westend of St. Paul's Church-yard

Stationer's Hall

  • John Morphew near Stationer's-Hall
  • John Nutt, near Stationers-Hall

The Strand

  • Daniel Pratt, at the Bible against York-Buildings in the Strand
  • Hen. Riboteau at the Crown near Exeter-Exchange in the Strand
  • Jacob Tonson, at Shakespear's-Head, over-against Catharine-street in the Strand
  • M. Wellington, at the King's-Head, against St. Clement's Church in the Strand


  • E. Berington without Temple-Bar
  • D. Brown at the Black-Swan, without Temple-Bar; 1713: Jonas Brown
  • Tho. Corbet at Addison's Head without Temple-Bar
  • A. Dodd at the Peacock without Temple-Bar
  • T. Jauncy without Temple Bar
  • W. Mears at the Lamb without Temple Bar


  • J. Woodward, in St. Christophers-Alley in Thread-needle-street. After 1710: in Scalding-Alley, over against Stocks-Market


  • A. Baldwin, near the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane
  • J. Roberts at the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-lane



  • James Read in White-Fryars