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Projecting the Apocalypse: A History of the Théocratie du verbe incarné

Project by Olaf Simons and Lionel Laborie
Visit the projects webspace at Marteau:Théocratie du verbe incarné

The Marteau Early 18th-Century Currency Converter


A Patagon of Liege minted in 1679 - 4s 6d English currency, 1 fl 30 x in Munich, 3 Mark in Hamburg, 2 Abassis and 200 Dinar in Persia's coin, 2 Rupees and 4 Annas in coins of the Moghul empire.

Conversion tools and a platform of research in economic history offering information on coins and currencies, prices and wages, weights and measures, and history of economics: e-text editions.

The Novel in Europe, 1650-1749

An bibliography coordinated by Anton Kirchhofer and Olaf Simons
2001 html version

Virtual Places


A project to map the 17th- early 18th-century world

The 17th and 18th Centuries in Film

A database organised by Sabine Biebl, Munich Enter



European Dictionaries, 1670-1730

A bibliography looking for an editor, with a preface by Johann Hübner, 1712. Enter