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  1. Het Leven en de wonderbaare gevallen van Robinson Crusoe [...] Nu uit het Engels vertaald, en met figuren benevens een nette kaart zyner zwerving verrykt. Eerste deel. Amsterdam, 1720.


  1. De Leidsche straat-schender, of de roekelooze student. Behelzende de lichtmisserijen, en boeve-stukken, die de studenten gewoon zijn aan te rechten. Pt. 2. Amsterdam, Weduwe Gijsbert de Groot.


  1. A SELECT| COLLECTION| OF| NOVELS| In FOUR VOLUMES.| Written by the most Celebrated Authors| in several Languages.| Many of which never appear'd in English| before; and all New Translated from| the Originals,| by several Eminent Hands.| [line of typographical ornaments]| LONDON:| Printed for John Watts, at the Printing-Office| in Wild-Court near Lincolns-Inn-Fields.| [rule]| MDCCXX.

  2. LOVE in Excess;| OR THE| FATAL ENQUIRY,| A NOVEL.| [rule]| The THIRD and Last PART.| [rule]| Sucess can then alone you Vows attend,| When Worth's the Motive, Constancy the End.| EPILOGUE to the Spartan Dame.| [rule]| [Antikes portrait in Rankwerk]| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for W. CHETWOOD, at Cato’s-Head, (the| Post-Office) in Great Russel-|street, Covent Garden,| and Sold by J. ROBERTS at the Oxford-Arms in| Warwick-Lane. M.DCC.XX.| (Price Two Shillings.)| Where may be had the FIRST and SECOND PART.

  3. MEMOIRS| OF A| CAVALIER:| OR A| Military Journal| OF| The WARS in GERMANY,| AND| The WARS in ENGLAND;| From the Year 1632, to the Year 1648.| Written Threescore Years ago by an English| Gentleman, who served first in the Army of| Gustavus Adolphus, the glorious King of Sweden,| till his Death; and after that, in the Royal Ar-|my of King Charles the First, from the Begin-|ning of the Rebellion, to the End of that War.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for A. Bell at the Cross Keys in Cornhill,| J. Osborn at the Oxford Arms in Lombard-Street,| W. Taylor at the Ship and Swan, and T. Warner| at the Black Boy in Pater-Noster-Row.

  4. Miscellanea Aurea:| OR THE| GOLDEN MEDLEY.| Consisting of| I. A Voyage to the Mountains of the Moon,| under the Æquator, or Parnassus reform'd.| II. The Fortunate Shipwreck, or a Description of| New Athens, being an Account of the Laws, Man-|ners, Religion, and Customs of that Country; by| Morris Williams, Gent. who resided there above| Twenty Years.| III. ALBERONI, or a Vindication of that Car-|dinal.| IV. The Secret History of the Amours of Don| ALONZO, Duke of Lerma, Grandee of Spain.| V. The Garden of ADONIS, or Love to no pur-|pose; being above Twenty Copies of Verses and| Love-Letters, by a Lady.| VI. MAHOMET no Impostor, written in Arabick| by Abdulla Mahumed Omar.| VII. An Account of Bad and Good Women, An-|cient and Modern. Among which is the Story| of the SPARTAN DAME, the Subject of| Mr. Southern’s Play. With several other Epistolary| Essays in Prose and Verse: By Mr. Milton, the| Lady W---- Mr. Philips, Mr. Killegrew, Author| of the Chit Chat, and several others.| [double rule]| LONDON:| Printed for A. BETTESWORTH in Pater-|Noster-Row, and J. PEMBERTON in Fleet-|street. MDCCXX.

  5. Serious Reflections| DURING THE| LIFE| And Surprising| ADVENTURES| OF| ROBINSON CRUSOE:| WITH HIS| VISION| OF THE| Angelick WORLD.| [rule]| Written by Himself.| [rule]| [publisher's signet: ship]| LONDON: Printed for W. TAYLOR, at the Ship| and Black-Swan in Pater-noster-Row. 1720.

  6. THE| AMOURS| OF| Clitophon and Leucippe.| ILUSTRATED| In Six Novels.| VIZ.| I. The Force of Love described.| II. The Disappointed Bride.| III. The Distressed Lovers.| IV. Virtue its own Reward.| V. The Lascivious Widow,| VI. The Happy Consummation.| [rule]| Written in Greek,| By Achilles Tatius.| Now first rendered into English.| [rule]| -- Veterum repetamus Amores.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for T. Bickerton, at the| Crown in Pater Noster Row, 1720.| Price 1 s. 6 d.

  7. THE| Force of Nature;| OR THE| LOVES| OF| HIPPOLITO and DORINDA.| A| ROMANCE.| [rule]| Translated from the FRENCH Original, and| never before printed in ENGLISH.| [rule]| NORTHAMPTON:| Printed by R. RAIKES and W. DICEY,| over against All Saints Church, 1720.| (Price Three Pence.)

  8. THE| German ROGUE:| OR, THE| LIFE| And MERRY| ADVENTURES,| Cheats, Stratagems,| AND| CONTRIVANCES| OF| TIEL EULESPIEGLE.| [rule]| Let none Eulespiegle’s Artifices blame,| For Rogues of ev'ry Country are the same.| [rule]| Made English from the High-Dutch.| [rule]| [vignette]| LONDON: Printed in the Year MDCCXX.

  9. THE| HISTORY| OF THE| LIFE| AND| ADVENTURES| OF| Mr. DUNCAN CAMPBELL| A| Gentleman, who tho' Deaf and Dumb, writes| down any Stranger's Name at first Sight;| with their future Contingencies of Fortune.| Now Living| In Exeter Court over-against the Savoy in the| Strand.| [rule]| Gentem quidem nullam video neque tam humanam atque doctam;| neque tam immanem tamque barbaram, quæ non significari fu-|tura & a qusbusdam[!] intelligi prædicique posse censeat.| Cicero de Divinatione, lib. x.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for E. CURLL: And sold by W. MEARS and| T. JAUNCY without Temple Bar, W. MEADOWS| in Cornhill, A. BETTESWORTH in Pater-Noster-Row,| W. LEWIS in Covent Garden, and W. GRAVES in St. James’s Street. M.DCC.XX. (Price. 5 s.)

  10. THE| Jamaica LADY:| OR, THE| Life of BAVIA.| CONTAINING| An Account of her Intrigues,| Cheats, Amours in England, Jamaica,| and the Royal Navy.| A Pleasant Relation of the Amours of| the Officers of a Fourth Rate Man of War| with their Female Passengers, in a Voyage| from Jamaica to England.| WITH| The Diverting Humours of Captain FUSTIAN,| Commander of the said Ship. And the Character of his Irish Surgeon; the Reason| of his Preferment, and Manner of obtaining| his Warrant.| [double rule]| LONDON:| Printed and sold by Tho. Bickerton, at| the Crown in Pater-noster-Row. 1720.| Price Eighteen Pence.

  11. THE| King of PIRATES:| BEING AN| ACCOUNT| OF THE Famous Enterprises| OF Captain AVERY,| The Mock King of Madagascar.| WITH| His Rambles and Piracies; where-|in all the Sham Accounts formerly| publish'd of him, are detected.| [rule]| In Two LETTERS from himself;| one during his Stay at Madagascar, and| one since his Escape from thence.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for A. Bettesworth in Pater-noster Row, C. King| in Westminster-Hall, J. Brotherton and W. Meadows in Cornhill,| W. Chetwood in Covent-Garden, and sold by W. Boreham in| Pater-noster Row. 1720.| (Price 1 s. 6 d.)

  12. THE| LIFE,| ADVENTURES,| AND| PYRACIES,| Of the Famous| Captain SINGLETON:| Containing an ACCOUNT of his| being set on Shore in the Island of| Madagascar, his Settlement there, with a De-|scription of the Place and Inhabitants: Of his| Passage from thence, in a Paraguay, to the| main Land of Africa, with an Account of the| Customs and Manners of the People: His| great Deliverances from the barbarous Na-|tives and wild Beasts: Of his meeting with an| Englishman, a Citizen of London, among the| Indians, the great Riches he acquired, and his| Voyage Home to England: As also Captain| Singleton’s Return to Sea, with an Account of| his many Adventures and Pyracies with the| famous Captain Avery and others.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for J. Brotherton, at the Black Bull| in Cornhill, J. Graves in St. James’s Street, A. Dodd, at| the Peacock without Temple-bar, and T. Warner, at the| Black Boy in Pater-Noster-Row. 1720.

  13. THE| Perfidious Brethren,| OR, THE| Religious Triumvirate:| Display'd in Three Ecclesiastical| NOVELS.| I. Heathen Priestcraft: Or| the Female Bigot. Being the History of DECIUS MUNDUS, and| PAULINA.| II. Presbyterian Piety; or the| Way to Get a Fortune.| III. The Cloven-Foot: Or the| Anabaptist Teacher Detected.| [rule]| Scires è Sanguine Natos. Ovid.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for T. Bickerton at the Crown in| Paternoster-Row. W. Meadows, and J.| Brotherton in Cornhill; and A. Dodd,| without Temple-Bar. 1720.| Price 1 s. 6 d.

  14. THE| Power of Love:| IN SEVEN| NOVELS.| VIZ.| I. The Fair Hypocrite.| II. The Physician's Stratagem.| III. The Wife's Resentment.| IV. V. The Husband's Resentment| In Two EXAMPLES.| VI. The Happy Fugitives.| VII. The Perjur'd Beauty.| [rule]| Never before PUBLISHED.| [rule]| By Mrs. MANLEY.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for John Barber on Lambeth-hill, and| John Morphew, near Stationers-hall, 1720.

  15. THE| THIRD VOLUME| OF THE| Compleat History| OF THE| LIVES, ROBBERIES, PIRACIES, and| MURDERS committed| BY THE| Most Notorious ROGUES, &c.| From the Time of Edward the Confessor.| With the Famous Sermon Preach'd by BER-|NARD SYMPSON a MONK, to a Gang of| Highway-men in a Wood near Maidenhead-Thicket.| Printed from the Original M.S. out of the BOD-|LEIAN LIBRARY in OXFORD.| Together with| The Continuation of the wicked Lives of HIGH-|WAY-MEN, MURDERERS, FOOT-PADS, HOUSE-|BREAKERS, SHOPLIFTS, WATER-PADS, KID-|LAYS, HOOK-POLE-LAYS,| MOLLY-LAYS, and the surprizing Adventures of several| famous PIRATES, down to the present TIME. With| the Thieves GRAMMAR whereby the Art of Thiev-|ing, is fully detected. A Key to the Art of Thieving;| newly discovered, whereby several secret Mysteries are| unlocked, for the good of the Publick.| Never before Printed.| [rule]| Written by Capt. ALEX. SMITH.| [rule]| [rule]| Adorn'd with Cuts.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for Sam. Briscoe, and sold at the Bell-Savage| on Ludgate Hill; T. Warner in Pater-Noster Row, and A.| Dodd without Temple-Bar. 1720.

  16. THE| VOYAGES,| Dangerous| Adventures| And imminent| ESCAPES| OF| Captain Richard Falconer:| Containing| The Laws, Customs, and Manners of the| Indians in America; his Shipwrecks; his Marry-|ing an Indian Wife; his narrow Escape from the| Island of Dominico, &c.| Intermix'd with| The VOYAGES and ADVENTURES of| THOMAS RANDAL, of Cork, Pilot; with| his Shipwreck in the Baltick, being the only Man| that escap'd: His being taken by the Indians of| Virginia, &c.| [rule]| Written by Himself, now alive.| [rule]| Bold were the Men who on the Ocean first| Spread their New Sails, when Shipwreck was the worst.| More Danger now from Man alone we find,| Than from the Rocks, the Billows, or the Wind.| WALLER.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for W. CHETWOOD, at Cato’s Head, in| Russel-street, Covent-Garden; T. JAUNCY, at the| Angel without Temple-Bar; A. BETTESWORTH,| in Pater-noster-Row;| J. BROTHERTON, and W.| MEADOWS in Cornhill; and J. GRAVES, in St.| James’s-sreet. 1720.


  1. COURT Tales:| OR, A| HISTORY| OF THE| AMOURS| OF THE| Present Nobility.| [rule]| To which is added, A Compleat KEY.| [rule]| The Court's a Golden, but a fatal Circle,| Upon whose Magic Skirts a thousand Devils,| In Chrystal Forms, sit tempting Innocence,| And beckon early Virtue from its Centre.| Lee.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| LONDON:| Printed for E. Curll, 1720.

  1. Grace Abounding. To the chief of Sinners, or a brief and faithful relation of the exceeding mercy of God in Christ, to his poor servant John Bunyan. All which was written by his own hand (Glasgow: Robert Sanders, 1720).

  2. [Honour the Victory and Love the Prize. Illustrated in Ten Diverting Novels. 1720.]

  3. SECRET| MEMOIRS| AND| MANNERS| of several| PERSONS of QUALITY| of Both SEXES.| FROM THE| New ATALANTIS,| AN| Island in the Mediterranean.| [rule]| In Four Volumes.| [rule]| Written Originally in ITALIAN.| [rule]| VOL. I.| [rule]| The Sixth Edition| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for John Morphew near Stationers-|Hall. 1720.

  4. THE| ADVENTURES| OF| TELEMACHUS,| THE| Son of ULYSSES.| [rule]| In Twenty Four Books.| [rule]| By the Archbishop of CAMBRAY.| [rule]| Done from the last Edition printed at Paris,| from the Author's Original Manuscript.| [rule]| With a Discourse upon| EPICK Poetry;| Shewing the Excellency of this POEM of| TELEMACHUS in particular.| [rule]| By Mr OZELL.| [rule]| The Third Edition, adorn'd with CUTS.| [rule]| To which are added,| The Adventures of ARISTONOUS.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for E. CURLL and J. PEMBERTON in| Fleet-street; and W. TAYLOR, in Pater-noster Row,| 1720. (Price Six Shillings).

  5. THE| DUMB PHILOSOPHER;| OR| Great-Britain’s Wonder,| CONTAINING| I. A faithful and very surprizing Account how DICK-|ORY CRONKE, a Tinner’s Son in| the County of Corn-|wal, was born Dumb, and continued so for 58 Years;| and how some Days before he died, he came to his| Speech: With Memoirs of his Life, and the Manner| of his Death.| II. A Declaration of his Faith and Principles in Reli-|gion: With a Collection of Select Meditations, Com-|posed in his Retirement.| III. His Prophetical Observations upon the Affairs of| Europe, more particularly of Great-Britain, from 1720,| to 1729. The whole extracted from his Original| Papers, and confirmed by unquestionable Authority.| To which is annexed.| His Elegy written by a young Cornish Gentleman, of| Exeter Coll. in Oxford; with an Epitaph by another Hand.| [rule]| Non quis, sed quid.| [rule]| DUBLIN: Printed and Sold by THO. HUME, next| Door to the Walsh's-Head in Smock-Alley, 1720.

  6. THE| DUMB PHILOSOPHER;| [...] Second Edition. London: T. Bickerton, 1720.

  7. The Famous| H[!]STORY| OF| MONTELION.| Knight of the ORACLE,| Son to the True Mirrour of Prin-|ces, the most Renowned Pericles,| King of Assyria.| Shewing his strange Birth, unfortu-|nate Love, perillous Adventures,| &c. Adorned with suitable Cuts,| and interpos'd with Variety of| Pleasant and Instructive Stories.| [rule]| See, lovely Fair, what may be done,| To gain a Heart that loves but one,| VVhat Victims fall a Sacrifice,| To grace Love's Altar, with Love's Prize?| Montelion strives to gain the Bliss,| And make your Joys his Happiness:| So once Ulysses Ten Years strove,| To grasp the numerous Charms of Love.| [rule]| London: Printed for Hanna Tracy, at the| Three Bibles on London-bridge; And| Sarah Bates, at the Sun and Bible in| Giltspur-street, 1720.

  8. THE| French Rogue:| OR, THE| LIFE| OF| Monsieur RAGOUE| de Versailles.| CONTAINING| His Parentage, Monstrous Birth, Early| Rogueries, Pleasant and Witty Pranks,| not only in France, but in divers other| Countries. With the Strange and| Wonderful Plots, Projects, Policies| and Stratagems, by which he Contri-|ved, Managed and Brought about his| Villanies, and escaped many Dan-|gers, and more particular the Prank| he played with the French KING, &c.| All very Comical and Delightful.| [rule]| With large Additions not in| any former Impression.| [rule]| Done from the Original by J. S.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for M. Boddington, at the| Golden Ball in Duck-Lane, 1720.

  9. THE| HISTORY| OF THE| LIFE| AND| ADVENTURES| OF| Mr. DUNCAN CAMPBELL| A| Gentleman, who tho' Deaf and Dumb, writes| down any Stranger's Name at first Sight:| with their future Contingencies of Fortune.| Now Living| In Exeter Court over-against the Savoy in the| Strand.| [rule]| Gentem quidem nullam video neque tam humanam atque doctam;| neque tam immanem tamque barbaram, quæ non significari fu-|tura & a quibsdam intelligi prædicique posse censeat.| Cicero de Divinatione, lib. x.| [rule]| The Second Edition corrected.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for E. CURLL: And sold by W. MEARS| and T. JAUNCY without Temple Bar, W.| MEADOWS in Cornhill, A. BETTESWORTH| in Pater-Noster-Row, W. LEWIS in Covent-|Garden, and J. GRAVES in St. James’s-Street.| M DCC XX.

  10. THE| HOLY WAR,| MADE BY| SHADDAI| UPON| DIABOLUS,| For the Regaining of the| Metropolis of the World.| OR, THE| Losing and Taking Again| OF THE| Town of Mansoul| [line of typographical ornaments]| By JOHN BUNYAN, the Author of the| Pilgrim's Progess.| [line of typographical ornaments]| I have used Similitudes, Hosea 12. 10.| [2 lines of typographical elements]| GLASGOW,| Printed by Robert Sanders, and are to be Sold in his| Shop, in the Salt-mercat, a little below Gibon’s,| Wynd. M. DCC. XX.

  11. THE| HONOUR| OF| CHIVALRY:| OR,| The Famous and Delectable| HISTORY| OF| Don Bellianis of Greece,| CONTAINING| The Valiant Exploits of that Magnanimous and Heroick Prince; Son unto| the Emperor Don Bellaneo of Greece| Wherein are described, the Strange and Dangerous Adventures that befel| him: With his Love toward the Princess Florisbella Daughter to the Soldan| of Babylon.| [rule]| Translated out of Italian.| [rule]| Sed tamen est tristissima janua nostræ,| Et labor est unus tempora prima pati.| [rule]| DUBLIN,| Printed by and for Luke Dillon, at the Bible in High-street.| Where Merchants and others may be furnish'd with all Sorts of School-|books and Histories at reasonalble Rates.

  12. THE| LIFE| and strange Surprizing| ADVENTURES| OF| Majr. Alexander Ramkins,| A| HIGHLAND-OFFICER,| Now in Prison at| AVIGNON.| BEING| An Account of several remarkable| Adventures during about Twenty Eight| Years Service in Scotland, Germany, Italy,| Flanders and Ireland; exhibiting a very| agreeable and instructive Lesson of Hu-|man Life, both in a Publick and Private| Capacity, in several pleasant Instances of| his Amours, Gallantry, Oeconomy, &c.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for W. Boreham| at the Angel in Pater-noster-row. 1720.| (Price 1 s.)

  13. THE| LIFE,| And STRANGE SURPRIZING| ADVENTURES| OF| ROBINSON CRUSOE,| Of YORK, MARINER:| Who lived eight and twenty Years, all alone in| an un-inhabited Island on the Coast of AMERICA,| near the Mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque;| Having been cast on Shore by Shipwreck, where-|in all the Men perished but himself.| With an ACCOUNT how he was at last as| strangely deliver'd by PYRATES.| [rule]| Written by Himself.| [rule]| The Fifth Edition.| [rule]| To which is added a Map of the World, in which is| Delineated the Voyages of ROBINSON CRUSOE.| [rule]| [publisher's signet: ship]| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for W. TAYLOR at the| Ship in Pater-Noster-Row. MDCCXX.

  14. [two woodcuts, left Mercur, subtitled "itaque reduque", right: Fame, subtitled: "Volat ocior Eoro.":] [line of typographical ornaments]| Numb. 6.| [line of typographical ornaments]| THE| Post-master| OR| [whole line:] The Loyal Mercury.| [rule]| FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER the 2d, 1720| [rule]| [Text aus Captain Singleton]| [end of page:] EXON, Printed by Andrew Brice, at the Head of the Serge-Market, in South-gate-street,| where are sold Dr. Wm. Luly's Antinomal Pills, being the same Sort he sold on his Stage in| St. Thomas, and elsewhere.

  15. Rrrrrrrrr (1) Numb. 203| [between two cuts, left: seller of newspapers calling »London Post«, right: seller of newspapers calling »News from Spain«:] THE| ORIGINAL| LONDON| POST,| OR| [whole page:] Heathcote's Intelligence;| Being a Collection of the| Freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick.| [rule]| Friday April 1. 1720.| [rule]| The Life of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Continued.| THAT homely Proverb used on so many Occasions in England, viz. [...]

  16. THE| Pastoral Amours| OF| DAPHNIS| AND| CHLOE.| [rule]| Written Originally in GREEK by| LONGUS, and Translated| into ENGLISH.| [rule]| Adorn'd with CUTTS.| [rule]| The SECOND EDITION.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed; and Sold by T. Jauncy at the Angel| without Temple-Bar. 1720.

  17. The Pilgrim's Progress By John Bunyan [...] sixth edition (Glasgow: Rob. Sanders, 1720).

  18. THE| Power of Love| IN SEVEN| NOVELS.| VIZ.| I. The Fair Hypocrite.| II. The Physician's Stratagem.| III. The Wife's Resentment.| IV. V. {The Husband's Re-|sentment.| In Two Examples.| VI. The happy Fugitives.| VII. The Perjur'd Beauty.| [rule]| Never before Published.| [rule]| By Mrs. MANLEY.| [rule]| DUBLIN:| Reprinted for Patrick Dugan, on Cork| Hill, near Castle-Gate. 1720.

  19. THE| Spanish Decameron:| OR, TEN| NOVELS.| VIZ. THE| Rival Ladies.| Mistakes.| Generous Lover.| Libertine.| Virgin Captive.| Perfidious Mistress.| Metamorphos'd Lover.| Impostor Out-witted.| Amorous Miser.| Pretended Alchymist.| [rule]| Made English by Sir Roger Lestrange.| [rule]| The Fourth Edition.| LONDON,| Printed for Jonah Bowyer, at the Roses,| the West End of St. Paul’s Church. 1720.


  1. Histoire de Mme Henriette d'Angleterre. Amsterdam, 1720.

  2. La vie de Pedrille del Campo: roman comique dans le goust espagnol. Par Monsieur T. G. D. T. Amsterdam, 1720.

  3. La Vie et les avantures surprenantes de Robinson Crusoe: [...] Le tout écrit par lui-même. Traduit de l'anglois Amsterdam: L'Honoré & Chatelain, 1720.

  4. La vie, les avantures et le voyage de Pierre de Mesange, 1720.


  1. Amors| Glücks-|Und| Unglücks-Fälle;| Oder| Verschiedene| seltsame Begebenheiten;| Ehemalen von dem berühmten| Herrn Loretano, in Italiänischer| Sprache vorgestellet/| Anjetzo aber in das Teutsche übersetzet| von| DAMIRO.| Erster Theil.| [rule]| Franckfurt und Leipzig/| MDCCXX.

  2. [Curieuse Liebes-Begebenheiten. Von Orontes. 1720.]

  3. DeFoe, Robinson Crusoe, Vischer's translation, pt. 1, first edition
    Das| Leben| und die| gantz ungemeine Begebenheiten| des berühmten Engelländers/| Mr. Robinson| CRUSOE,| welcher durch Sturm und Schiffbruch/| (worinn alle seine Reise-Gefährten elen-|diglich ertruncken/)| auf der Americanischen Cüste/| vorn an dem grossen Fluß Oroonoko auf ein un-|wohntes Eiland gerahten/ Acht-und zwantzig| Jahre lang darauf gelebet/| und| zuletzt durch See-Räuber wunderbahrer Weise| davon befreyet worden.| Göttlicher Providentz zum Preise/ und curiöser Gemüh-|ter besonderem Vergnügen/| nach der dritten Engelländis. Edition auf vorneh-|mes Begehren ins Teutsche übergesetzet.| [rule]| HAMBURG, gedruckt bey sehl. Thomas von Wierings Erben| bey der Börse/ im güldenen A, B, C. 1720.

  4. [Das merkwürdige Leben und die außerordentlichen Aventuren des Herrn von Rochefort. Von ihm selbst beschrieben. Franckfurt 1720.]

  5. Das verwunderliche| Leben| des| PEDRILLE| del Campo,| In einem anmuthigen| ROMAN| vorgestellet/| mit schönen Kupffern ausgezieret,| und aus dem Französischen| In unsere Hoch-Teutsche| Sprache übersetzet| von| Iriflor.| [rule]| Zu finden| In denen Frankfurter und Leipziger| Messen. A. 1720.

  6. Der in allen Wissenschafften erfahrne und wohlstudirte Pickelhering, bey welchem Eine grosse Menge rarer Erzehlungen von allerhand warhafften, lustig- und kurtzweiligen, Sinn- und Lehr-reichen Geschichten [...] anzutreffen sind; [...] Gedruckt im Jahr 1720.

  7. Der| Spanische/ Teutsche/| und| Niederländische Krieg| Oder:| Des Marquis von ... curieuser Lebens-Lauff.| Worinnen/ weilen der Autor selbsten in ansehnlichen Fran-|zösischen Diensten vormalen gestanden, nicht allein das merckwürdigste, so| sich in jüngst-verwichenen Kriege von Anfang biß zum Ende| zugetragen, vollkommen enthalten:| Sondern auch| Noch gantz besondere, und bishero unbekant gewesene Begebenheiten,| Intriquen, und seltzame Streiche, die dem Autori theils selbsten, theils aber| anderen vornehmen Personen zugestossen/ angeführet werden.| Alles mit unpartheyischer und auffrichtiger Feder entworffen/ mit verschie-|denen schönen Kupffern geziert/ und der curieusen Welt zum| Vergnügen ausgefertiget.| Erster Theil.| [rule]| Zu finden auf dem Franckfurter und Leipziger Messen. A. 1720.

  8. [Der| Unglücklich-Glückselige| Epirotische Graf| Rifano,| oder| Dessen ausgestandene Verfolgung/| und| endliche Erhebung auf den| Königl. Epirotischen Thron/| in einer| Liebes- und Helden-|Geschicht/| der galanten Welt| zur vergönnter Belustigung ans| Licht gestellet| von| MELISSO| [rule]| Nürnberg/| Zu finden bey Johann Jacob Wolrab.| Druckts Joh. Ernst Adelbulner. 1720.]

  9. DeFoe, Robinson Crusoe, Vischer's translation, pt. 2, first edition
    Des| Lebens| und der| gantz ungemeine Begebenheiten| des berühmten Engelländers/| Mr. Robinson| CRUSOE,| Zweyter und Letzter Theil.| Worinn dessen fernere Reisen| Um Drey Theile der Welt herum/| mit Verwunderungs-würdigen| Umständen beschrieben werden.| Abermals| Göttlicher Providentz zum Preise/ und| curiöser Gemühter besonderem Vergnügen/| gleich dem Ersten Theile/| nach dem Englischen Original| mit aller Treue ins Teutsche übersetzet.| [rule]| HAMBURG, gedruckt bey seel. Thomas von Wierings Erben| bey der Börse/ im güldenen A, B, C. 1720.| Ist auch in Leipzig bey Philip Herteln zu bekommen.

  10. Die| von ihren Feigen-Blättern| entblößeten| Adam und Eva/| oder| die heute zu Tage unter beyderley Ge-|schlecht gewöhnlichen Tugenden und| Laster den Augen der Welt| in II. Theilen,| dargestellet;| davon| Der I. des Frauenzimmers,| Der II. der Manns Personen| Eigenschafften erweget:| Mit artigen Poetischen Einfällen in| Arien auf ieden Titul versehen.| Nebst| einem curieusen doppelten Anhang;| I. Das Steigen und Fallen| Madelle Speckfresserin;| II. Die zur Buß und Erkänntniß| kommende Coquete,| in einem| Gedichte| an ihre vormahlige Kuplerin geschrieben.| [rule]| Nach dem Englischen Exemplar.| [rule]| Anno 1720.

  11. Fünffter Theil| des| Lebens| und| Wunderns-würdiger Begebenheiten| Des| Cardinals| Julii Alberoni,| degradirten Anjouistischen| Premier-Ministers,| In welchem einige Nachricht enthalten,| was sint seinem Abschied von Sestri di Levante,| so wohl zu Rom, als in Spanien, wider ihn, in Form| eines ordentlichen| Inquisitions-Processes,| vorgenommen,| Auch was bißher von seinem verborgenen Auf-|fenthalt vorgegeben worden.| Wobey zugleich etwas von Cardinälen, so| schlechtes Herkommens gewesen, auch einigen,| so ihrer Würde entsetzet worden, zu| befinden| [rule]| Gedruckt Anno 1720.

  12. [Galanterien einiger verliebten Frauenzimmer. Aus dem Frantzösischen übersetzt und mit Kupffern gezieret von Pliantes. 1720.]

  13. George Ernst Reinwalds,| Academien-|Und| Studenten-|Spiegel/| In| Welchem| Das heutige Leben| Auf| Universitäten| gezeiget,| geprüfet| und beklaget wird.| [rule]| BERLIN/| Bey Joh. Andreas Rüdigern. 1720.

  14. [Gossberts, Herzogs von Franken unselige Liebe. Amberg 1720.]

  15. Historie| von der| Bastille| in| Paris| von| Mr. Constantin de Renneville.| [vignette]| Zweyter Theil.| [rule]| 1720.

  16. Leben und Thaten| Der berühmtesten| Strassen-Räuber| Mörder| Und| Spitzbuben,| So| In denen letzten funffzig Jahren| in dem Königreich England sind| hingerichtet worden;| Worinnen| Ihre seltsame Aventuren, listige Rän-|cke, theils lustige Begebenheiten, theils er-|schreickliche und grausame Thaten, nebst ihren| traurigen Lebens-Ende, mit Historischer| Feder beschrieben werden| Von| Capitain Alexander Smith,| Aus dem Englischen übersetzet.| [rule]| Franckfurt und Leipzig.| 1720.

  17. [Triumph der beständigen Liebe über die widrigen Zufälle des Verhängnisses. Saalfeld 1720.]

  18. Vierter Theil| des| Lebens| und| Wunderns-würdiger Begebenheiten| Des| Cardinals| Julii Alberoni,| degradirten Anjouistischen| Premier-Ministers,| In welchem noch einige Nachricht von| seinen in Spanien und gantz Europa gemach-|ten unverantwortlichen Intriguen/ ingleichen| desselben darauf erfolgtem| Fall am Spanischen Hofe,| und| Arrest in Italien, auch dessen Relaxirung,| [rule]| Gedruckt ANNO 1720.


  1. Academischer| Frauenzimmer-|Spiegel/| Das ist:| Einige curieuse| Liebes-Begebenheiten/| So sich in der That auf einer| wohlbekandten Sächsischen Uni-|versität vor einigen Jahren| zugetragen.| Ausgefertiget| Von| Le Content.| Vierdte Aufflage und vermehrt| [double rule]| Im Jahr 1720.

  2. [AMOR| Am Hofe,| Oder,| Das spielende Liebes-Glück| Hoher Standes-personen,| Cavalliere und Damen,| Der| Galanten Welt| Zu vergönneter Gemüths-Ergötzung| an das Licht gegeben| von TALANDERN| Mit Churfl. Sächs. Gnäd. Privilegio| [publisher's signet]| [rule]| DRESDEN, Bey Johann Boetio.| Im Jahr 1720.]

  3. Robinson Crusoe, Vischer's translation, pt.1, "5th edition" piracy
    Das Leben| und die gantz ungemeine| Begebenheiten| Des| ROBINSON| CRUSOE,| welcher unter andern auf der Americani-|schen Küste durch Sturm und Schiffbruch erlitten,| und bey dem Ausfluß des grossen Strohms Oroonoko an| eine unwohnte Insul verschlagen worden, auf welcher| er über acht und zwantzig Jahr, biß zu seiner wunder-|baren Befreyung, gelebet hat.| Von ihm selbst beschrieben, und um seiner| Fürtrefflichkeit willen aus dem Englischen| ins Teutsche übersetzt.| Die fünffte Auflage| Mit zwölff Kupffern nebst einer accuraten Land-Charte| worauf alle des Autoris Reisen gezeichnet sind, gezieret.| Der erste Theil.| [rule]| Franckfurth und Leipzig,| 1720.

  4. Der| Europæischen| Höfe/| Liebes-|Und| Helden-Geschichte/| Der Galanten Welt zur ver-|gnügten Curiosité ans Licht| gestellet.| Von| Menantes.| [rule]| HAMBURG,| [rule]| Bey Johann Wolffgang Fickweiler/ 1720.

  5. Der unglückselige Neapolitaner, oder das wunderbare Leben des Seigneur Roselli (Hamburg: Von Wierings Erben, 1720).

  6. Der verliebte| Eremit| in der| Lebens-und Liebes-|Geschichte| des| Grafens von Castro,| Der galanten Welt in einem| ROMAN| fürgestellet:| von| MELETAON.| Neue/ durch und durch verbesserte Edition.| [rule]| Nürnberg/| Verlegts Johann Albrecht. 172[0and1 overtyped].

  7. Des getreuen Eckarths| Medicinischer| Maul-Affe| Oder| der Entlarvte| Marckt-Schreyer.| In| welchen vornehmlich der Marcktschreyer| und Quacksalber Boßheit und Betrügereyen/ wie| dieselben zu erkennen und zu meiden/ hernach bewährteste| Artzney-Mittel/ in allerhand Kranckheiten und Zufällen| Menschlichen Leibes zu gebrauchen. Ingleichen eine gründ-|liche Beschreibung und Gebrauch des Hirschberger-Landecker-|Johannis-Töplitzer-Egerischen Sauerbrunn-und Carls-Ba-|des. Dann sonderliche Philosophische/ Politische/ Chymi-|sche/ am meisten aber Medicinische Anmerckungen; wie auch| eine gründliche Erörterung vieler zweifelhaffter Vorträge;| Endlich/ welcher Gestalt man sich auf Reisen/ und so wohl in| frembden als einheimischen Zusammenkünfften| verhalten soll.| Mit Beyfügung Sinn-und Lehr-|reichen/ erschröcklichen und lustigen| Begebenheiten| vermehrter und unter gewissen Capiteln| vorgestellet worden.| [rule]| Franckfurth und Leipzig/| Bey Michael Rohrlachs seel. Wittib und| Erben. 1720.

  8. DeFoe, Robinson Crusoe, Vischer's translation, pt. 1, piracy.
    Des| Welt-berühmten Engelländers| ROBINSON CRUSOE| Leben| Und| gantz ungemeine| Begebenheiten,| Insonderheit| Da er acht und zwantzig Jahre lang auf| einer unbewohnten Insul bey dem Einfluß des| grossen Strohms Oroonoko, auf der Ameri-|canischen Küste, gelebet hat.| Von ihm selbst in Englischer Sprache| beschrieben;| Nunmehro aber um seiner Fürtrefflichkeit| willen ins Teutsche übersetzt und mit artigen| Kupffern gezieret.| [rule]| Franckfurth und Leipzig,| Anno 1720.

  9. Die| Türckische| Asterie/| Curieuse| und Galante| Staats-und Liebes-|Geschichte/| Aus dem Frantzösischen| übersetzet/ und mit Histori-|schen Anmerckungen zu Erklärung| der Geschichte des Tartarischen| Monarchen Tamerlans| erläutert| Von| IMPERIALI,| In Verlegung des Autoris,| [rule]| Anno MDCCXX.

  10. Leben| Und| Wundernswürdige Begebenheiten| Des| Cardinals| Julii Alberoni,| jetzigen Anjouistischen| Premier-Ministers,| In welchem sein geringer Ursprung/ leicht-|fertige Intrigven/ und wunderliche Wege, wodurch| er zu so hohen Ehren gelanget, aufrichtig| entdecket werden;| Eine Schrifft, die bey jetzigem| Spanisch-Italiänischen Kriege,| denen Liebhabern der neuen Historie nicht anders/| als angenehm seyn kan.| Aus dem Italiänischen ins Teutsche| übersetzet.| Erster Theil.| [rule]| Gedruckt ANNO 1720.

  11. Leben| und| Wunderwürdige Geschichte| des grossen| Tamerlans,| Tartarischen Kaysers/| worinnen| Alle seine Thaten/ Schlach-|ten/ Belagerungen/ Stürme/ Beseig-und| Eroberungen fester Städte und Plätze/ im-|gleichen die Bezwingung so vieler Länder/ und| alle andere Merckwürdigkeiten/ die in wäh-|render seiner 50jährigen Regierung vorgefal-|len/ mit vielen Umbständen beschrie-|ben sind.| Aus dem Arabischen ins Frantzösi-|sche/ von dieser aber in die Teutsche Sprache| übersetzet/ und nunmehro zum dritten-|mahl zum Druck| gebracht.| [rule]| HAMBURG, bey seel. Thomas von Wierings| Erben im Jahr 1720.

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