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  1. A Select Collection of Novels in Six Volumes (1729).

  2. Madagascar: or, Robert Drury's Journal during Fifteen Years Captivity on that Island [...] Written by Himself, digested into Order, and now publish'd at the Request of his Friends. London: Printed and sold by W. Meadows, J. Marshall, T. Worrall, and by the Author, at Old Tom's Coffee-House in Birchin Lane, 1729. 6s.

  3. THE| ADVENTURES| OF| ABDALLA,| SON of HANIF,| Sent by the| Sultan if the INDIES,| To make Discovery of the| Island of BORICO,| Where the Fountain which restores past Youth| is supposed to be found.| Also an Account of the| TRAVELS of ROUSCHEN,| A PERSIAN LADY, to the TOPSY-|TURVY Island, undiscover'd to this Day.| The whole intermix'd with several Curios amnd| Instructive HISTORIES.| [Linie]| Translated into French from an Arabick Manuscript| found at Batavia by Mr. de SANDISSON:| And now done into ENGLISH| By WILLIAM HATCHETT, Gent.| [Linie]| Adorn'd with CUTS.| [Linie]| LONDON:| Printed for THO. WORHALL at the Judge's-Head over against| St. Dunstan’s Church in Fleet-street. 1729.

  4. The Agreeable Caledonian: or, Memoirs of Signiora dz Morella, a Roman Lady, Who made her Escape from a Monastery at Fiterbo, for the Love of a Scots Nobleman. Intermix'd with Many other Entertaining little Histories and Adventures which presented themselves to her in the Course of her Travels. Pt. II. London: Printed for Richard King, and sold by W. Meadows, T. Green, John Stone, J. Jackson, and J. Watson, 1729. 1s.

  5. The Amours of the Count de Soissons, A Prince of the House of Bourbon. In A very Entertaining Relation of the Gallantries of Persons of Distinction in the Court of France, during the Ministry of Cardinal Richelieu, which have not hitherto been accounted for. Translated from the French into English, By James Seguin, Gent. London: Printed for J. Crokatt and T. Cox, 1729. 3s.

  6. The Disguis'd Prince: or, the Beautiful Parisian. A True History, Translated from the French. Pt. II. London: Printed for T. Corbett and sold by J. Roberts, 1729. 1s.

  7. The Fair Hebrew: or, a True, but Secret History of Two Jewish Ladies, Who lately resided in London. London: Printed for J. Brindley, W. Meadows and J. Walthoe, A. Bettesworth, T. Astley, T. Worral, J. Lewis, J. Penn, and R. Walker, 1729. 1s.

  8. The Life and Intrigues Of the late Celebrated Mrs. Mary Parrimore, The Tall Milliner of ’Change-Alley. Containing A Series of uncommon Adventures, no less surprizing than entertaining: With An Account of her Writings, and an Illustration of Love upon Tick: wherein The whole Adventure is set in a true Light, with the Addition of several material Particulars omitted in that Pamphlet. London: Printed for A. Moore, 1729. 1s.

  9. The Life of Mr. Robin Lyn, Very noted in Great-Britain, for his Dealings in Foreign Commodities. [...] London: Printed for the Author and sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster, 1729. 1s.

  10. The Life of the Countess de Gondez. Written By her own Hand in French, and Dedicated to the Princess de la Roche-sur-Yon. And now faithfully Translated into English. By Mrs. P. Aubin. London: Printed for J. and J. Knapton, J. Darby, A. Bettesworth, F. Fayram, J. Osborn and T. Longman, J. Pemberton, C. Rivington, F. Clay, J. Batley, and A. Ward, 1729.

  11. A Select Collection of Novels in Six Volumes. Written by the most Celebrated Authors in several Languages. Second Edition with Additions printed for John Watts. 1729. £1.

  12. [Five Novels: Translated from the French of M. Segrais, Author of Zayde, and the Princess of Cleves. viz. I. The Beautiful Pyrate; or, The Constant Lovers. II. Eugenia; or, The Force of Destiny. III. Bajazet; or, The Imprudent Favourite. IV. Montrose; or, The Happy Discovery. V. Mistaken Jealousy; or, The Disguisd Lovers. 1728. 3s.]

  13. Le Diable Boiteux: or, The Devil upon Two Sticks. In Two Volumes. Translated from the Last Paris Edition, very much Enlarg'd. Adorn'd with Cutts. The Sixth Edition. Printed for J. Tonson. 6s. 2vols. 1729.

  14. The Diverting Works of the Countess D'Anois. Author of Ladies Travels to Spain. [...] A Collection of Novels and Tales of the Fairies. Written by that Celebrated Wit of France. the Countess d,Anois. The Second Edition. (Printed for J. Brotherton and W. Meadows, Tho. Edlin, and Tho. Astley). 3vols. 1728.

  15. The Fair Hebrew: or, a True, but Secret History of Two Jewish Ladies, Who lately resided in London. Second Edition. London: Printed for J. Brindley, W. Meadows and J. Walthoe, A. Bettesworth, T. Astley, T. Worral, J. Lewis, J. Penn, and R. Walker, 1729. 1s.

  16. The Most Entertaining History of Hyppolito and Aminta. Second Edition, printed for A. Bettesworth and J.Batley. 1729.

  17. [The Noble Slaves: or, the Lives and Adventures of Two Lords and two Ladies, who were shipwreck'd and cast upon a desolate Island near the East-Indies in the Year 1710. [...] 1729.]

  18. The Persian and the Turkish Tales, compleat. [...] third edition (London: W. Mears/ F. Clay/ D. Browne/ T. Astley, 1729).

  19. The Secret History of the Court of Augustus Caesar London: Printed, and Sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster, 1729.

  20. [The Strange Adventures of the Count de Vinevil And his Family. [...] 1729.]


  1. [The Life of Madam de Beaumont, a French Lady; Who lived in a Cave in Wales above fourteen Years undiscovered, being forced to fly France for her Religion; and of the Cruel Usage she had there. [...] 1729.]


  1. L' avanturier hollandois, ou la vie & les avantures divertissantes & extraordinaires d'un Hollandois [...] avec figures. Amsterdam: Wetsteins & Smith, 1729.


  1. [Der verliebte Journaliste, ans Licht gestellet durch Selimenem. Frankfurt, Leipzig 1729.]

  2. Erbauliche Geschichte der Chiquitos, von der Bekehrung derselben. Wien 1729.

  3. Liebesgeschichte des Jesuiten Sainfroids und der scheinheiligen Eulalia. (s.l.) 1729.

  4. Der| Europæischen| Höfe| Liebes-| Und| Helden-Geschichte/| Der| Galanten Welt| zur vergnügten Curiosité| Ans Licht gestellet| Von| MENANTES.| [rule]| HAMBURG,| [rule]| Bey Christian Wilhelm Brandt, 1729.

  5. Der| Europäischen| Höfe| Liebes-| Und| Helden-Geschichte| [...]| Zweyter Theil.| [...]| [rule]| Hamburg,| Bey Christian Wilhelm Brandt, 1729.

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