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1 Rouble, Peter I, 1719.


For a brief and unommented history of Russia's money see the special page on Russian coins.

The coin reform of 1701 introduced a decimal system of roubles and kopecks with the rouble divided into 100 kopecks. The older system of roubles of 33 1/3 altyn each of 6 dengi, was, however, not immediately replaced. Our conversion tools hence offer both modalities of accounting and the option to translate between them.

One червонец [дукат] (chervonets or Ducat) 2.5 рублей (roubles), 1 рублъ (rouble) 100 копеек (kopekcs). The older system divided the rouble into 33 алтын (altyn) and 2 деънги (dengi) or 200 денег (dengi).

Important coins were the полтина (poltina of 50 kopecks), the полуполтинник (polupoltinnik of 25 kopecks), the гривна or гривенник (grivna or grivennik of kopecks) and the алтын (altyn of 3 kopecks or dengi. the деньга (denga) had a subdivsion into 2 полушки (polushki), the полушка (polushka) was again divisible into 2 полуполушки (polupolushki).

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